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Peter fra LATuesday 02nd of November 2004 12:42:31 PM
Ear Training -
Ear Training - Spoken forms compared

Keep in mind these people are talking in a rather serious tone as they are reading archaic biblical excerpts. But it is still good practice to listen to the phonetics.

o Norwegian Bokmål Form
o Norwegian Nynorsk Form
o A Finn reading in Swedish (a bit flat sounding to my ear, can I get a comment from a native Swede?)
o Icelandic
o Faeroesk
Friday 10th of December 2004 05:58:48 PM
- dg
HoogardFriday 17th of December 2004 03:07:40 AM
- You recognize finnish people talking swedish quite easily. It's because they have a diffirent rhytm in their language. So i wouldn't see that sound file as great inspiration for hearing what the language sounds like. No offence meant to any swedish speaking fins.