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StefanFriday 04th of June 2004 12:09:46 PM
Good online tool for learning correct Swedish - "Grim is a client containing a basic word processor and several user interfaces to advanced language tools running on servers at KTH Nada [the Technical University in Stockholm Sweden]. Every paragraph is sent to KTH Nada for different language analysis. Broadband is preferable when using Grim."
prakashgupthaFriday 13th of August 2004 08:14:15 PM
Hi Stefan - Hi this is jayaprakash from Lund and Iam new to this website and I want to learn Sweish...I hope this is very good site to learn ..
KathyKTuesday 15th of February 2005 02:59:34 PM
Hej, Jag heter Kathy jag kommer från Thailand ! Well that's it I can write! Is it right?

Anyway, Please help me my Sweidish!

Tack så mycket!

teknogeekSaturday 19th of February 2005 09:45:07 AM
- Hej Kathy!
Why not join us for the Swedish study group in the Swedish discuss? We've got lessons and native speakers... and a lot of fun!

Hope to see you there!