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redeyeSunday 28th of November 2004 03:41:08 PM
Id like to earn Swed - I can help with English in return, although most people who speak Swedish seem to speak English very well :)

I have a trip planned for new year to a friend in Sweden. He speaks English, but I would rather speak Swedish whilst I visit Sweden, as I hate it when people dont speak the language of a country they visit and expect people to just talk English to them.

Im a fairly old dog (33) but I'm sure I could learn still :) If anyone would be able to help me learn Swedish I would really appreciate it.
aftonfalkSunday 28th of November 2004 04:37:51 PM
swedish lessons - I can teach you swedish, although I'm a native english speaker. Lived here for more than 15 years. Don't suppose you speak any welsh?
redeyeSunday 28th of November 2004 05:57:36 PM
- ah that would be fantastic. I have only lived in Wales for a few years, and they dont really speak much welsh here any more :( so I have only really picked up odd words.
aftonfalkMonday 29th of November 2004 08:41:37 AM
help online - suggest you begin by visiting the following site there are two or three beginners courses where you can get the basics. Drop me a line when you need explanations or when you want to test your swedish, or if you feel like a quick Classroom :-)
redeyeTuesday 30th of November 2004 09:39:36 AM
- I had a quick look last night, but will spend some time on the links you gave me this coming week, thanks very much :)