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Estonia25Sunday 31st of October 2004 02:42:41 AM

I started to learn swedish 2 months ago, so if there is someone who can "Classroom" with be and speed up my swedish, so let my know.

iamatthewFriday 05th of November 2004 06:15:31 AM
Classroomting in swedish - Hej Estonia 25, hur star det il? Jag studera svensk, men jag ar inte mykka god. Jag skall vilya att talar svensk...

Sorry if this was terrible, I'm just happy to make mistakes and try the best I can!
HoogardFriday 17th of December 2004 08:08:52 AM
- I've corrected your sentence. It should be something like this, hope you don't mind.

Hej Estonia 25, hur står det till? Jag studerar svenska, men jag ar inte speciellt (1) bra (2). Jag skulle vilja kunna tala svenska...

1. a better word than "mycket" is "speciellt". "Mycket" indicates that you are not "extremely good", just good, which is not what you were implying i guess, hehe

2. "bra" is almost always used in stead of "god". "God" is used if you are referring to something angellike if you get what i'm meaning. As in good versus evil.