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ArteumTuesday 22nd of February 2005 03:41:13 PM
Project Runeberg - It is pretty hard to find books in Swedish in USA - for example, such a big library as Emory (Atlanta, GA) has only Phrases into English. (By the way, Emory has a lot of original Icelandic and some Danish literature, but Swedish literature is only in English! I have to add that Emory also has thousands of volumes of French literature, as well as thousands of volumes of Russian literature, a lot of German, Spanish, even aisles of Japanese and Arabic literature! ... But no Swedish ...)

So, in view of this difficulty this electronic resource should be extremely useful:

I especially like to read Shakespeare's translation into Swedish, because I know more than fifteen Shakespeare's plays very well and hold many passages in memory. So, when I read these passages in Swedish I understand everything instantly, even without a dictionary ;-)

By the way, does anyone know a good electronic shop to buy Swedish literature from? I'd be very interested in some children's books ... as they should be good for beginning and intermediate learners.

HoogardWednesday 23rd of February 2005 04:18:44 AM
- Att vara eller inte vara? Det är fråga. MÅnn ädlare att lida och fördraga, ett bittert ödes styng och pilar....

or something like that hehe
betaMonday 28th of March 2005 05:53:15 AM
- Det är fråga - in this context i learned it as :

Det är frågan

can you use it like above without the definate article?

EDIT: by the way, hi im new, want to learn swedish, going to work in Helmstad this summer. thanks.
HoogardWednesday 30th of March 2005 04:46:17 AM
- Just a spelling mistake on my behalf.
SallemanFriday 08th of April 2005 03:15:35 AM
- From Runeberg's collection I'd like to recommend "Nordisk Familjebok" ( two Swedish encyclopedias from 1876 and 1904, respectively. As always when you're dealing with Runeberg, though, you've got to keep in mind that the texts are mostly in rather old fashioned Swedish, and the spelling might be obsolete as well. E-boklagret ( is much better in this aspect.

About electronic shops: and are two major Swedish online bookstores. You'll find a "Barn & ungdom" link on their main pages. I guess they'll skin you in shipping cost since you're overseas, though. And you'll have to go through a registration all in Swedish, that's a second problem. :/