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ptrSaturday 13th of November 2004 03:35:23 AM
Swedish Classroompartner - Hello!
I'm a 17 year old boy named Peter and lives in Sweden. I would gladly Classroom with anyone and help them learn swedish. If you want to, just add me on msn ( ) or mail me:

Hälsningar Peter.
tmoonSaturday 13th of November 2004 07:08:56 AM
- Tack, jag studerar svenska på universitetet. I've only done five weeks so far so I know a bit, but need the practice. I'll add you tomorrow or Monday if that's OK? Cheers, ~tom
soupfaerie16Sunday 14th of November 2004 05:27:44 PM
ive been looking! - I would love to Classroom and learnm a bit of swedish Ill add you right now :-).