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Evan4822Tuesday 09th of March 2004 01:43:11 AM
10 way to know if you're filipino - Evan ang panggalan ko (My name is Evan). Kumusta kayo (How are you (plural)? galing ako sa Charleston WV (Im from charleston USA) I know alot about the filipino culture. I love the pilipinas so much. My girlfriend is a very wonderful loving pinoy.
You might be a filipino if
1) You have giant wooden spoon and fork hanging some where.
2) Have a turbo cooker or george forman that stays out all the time.
3) pronounce your "F"s with "P"s Wee are cookeeng PEEESH (fish) tonight.
4) Say the word 'WHY' instead of the word 'WHAT'.
5) signify the word yes with the raising of eyebrows instead of shaking your head.
6) The way you signify come here with your hands to americans means go away and vice versa.
7)you call upon anak mo (your children. "mo"means you your or yours) to entertain at get togethers or parties.
8)your parents want you to be a doctor.
9)You call almost all of your family aunt even if they are not related. Tita christi, Tito armando, tita floora, tita peraltez
10)Your family usually drives nice cars BMW, lexus, Benz, jaguar, volvo, or maybe Toyota

(o yea and you have a tabo)
PrncssSarahFriday 27th of August 2004 09:51:20 AM
- haha.. yeah, this is hilarious! especially if they all apply to you!
(but psst.... the word for girls is pinay!)
firekatFriday 10th of September 2004 06:41:14 PM
too true - heh, yeah those are usually really funny! i tend to get about a good half of them. which works since im half.

a few more more i really like are if:
you point with your lips
you say "shut the light" and "open the light"
you have a picture of the last supper on your wall
everyone in your family goes by nicknames, usually ones that are repetative. like john john.
and of course- your head snaps around instantly the moment you hear "psssst-"
sxcflipkidFriday 24th of December 2004 05:52:40 PM
- hahah thats funny! another one is when you put your hands together in front of you and duck down when youre going through two people that are talking..
alequin0923Friday 31st of December 2004 02:54:11 AM
- Well, it just shows how respectful, religious, God-fearing, hospitable and warm we "the Filipinos" are.

mikeconnerSaturday 22nd of January 2005 04:55:08 PM
hilarious! - I can't believe I found this website. I can totally relate to all these being mestiso and raised by my Mom. Let's not forget these:

when forgetting a word, you say, ng ano
the "p" and "f" switch - fried rice powder = pried rice fowder
most importantly, the terror of the sight of a flying wooden shoe!