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Evan4822Tuesday 09th of March 2004 10:40:49 AM
Better ways to greet someone in Tagalog/filiipino - If you have been learning Tagalog/filipino and the only way you know how to greet someone is Kumusta ka? and then mabuti, you aren't impressing anyone with your skills haha! Here are some better ways to greet people.

***Some Vocab for ya***
Maganda- pretty/good
umaga - morning
tanghali - noon
hapon - afternoon
gabi - night/evening
naman - too/also
buhay - alive
maigi - fine
pa - still/yet
wala - nothing
lang - only
O, ano - Hows it
ito - this

- Magandang umaga sa inyong lahat. -Good morning to you all (pl)
- Kumusta kayo? Good morning sir.(To be used for respect)
- kumusta ang pamilya mo? (How's you family?)
- kumusta ang tuhod mo? (How is your nee?)
- kumusta ang likod mo? (How is you back?)
- kumusta ang trabaho mo?(How's work?)
- kumusta ang tister mo? (How's you sister)
- Kumusta ang tatay mo? (How's your father?)
- Kumusta ang nanay mo? (How's you mother?)

***respond to these questions***
- ayos lang (just fine)
- mabuti (good)
- Heto, Buhay pa (still alive)
- humihinga pa (still breathing)
- Nakakaraos pa(still surviving)
- maigi (fine)
- Mabuti sa wala (better than nothing.)
- Rin (or) Naman can be added to indicate the word too/also if they ask you- (at Ikaw?) and you?

-----Add--sa awa ng diyos to those to say by the grace of God. It is said alot by elders.

*** To some cultures it may seem nosey to ask where have you been? or Where are you going? but in the filipines it is a common greeting and is taken very lightly and doesn't need a very specific answer. You can say just there or be general.

- Saan ka pupunta? (where are you going?)
- Saan siya pupunta? (where is she going?)
- Saan siya galing? (where is she comming from?)
- Saan ka galing? (where have you been?)

---Diyan lang. (Just/only there)
-Diyan lang sa tindahan (just there the store)

Evan si Tanya ito. (Evan this is Tanya.)
John si chris ito. (John this is Chris.)
kaibigan ko siya. (She/He is a friend of mine.)

***greetings for times of the day*** (just add po for people older than you are.)***

-Magandang umaga (po). (Good morning ((sir)) )
-Magandang tanghali. (Good noon)
-Magandang hapon. (Good evening/after noon)
-Magandang gabi. (Good night)

**** Here are some more that could be helpful***

- Ano ang panggalan mo? (what's you name?)
- Ano ang trabaho mo? -- What (work) do you do?
- perydoista ako- (Im a jouralist, but just add what you are)
- Wala akong trabaho. (I'm unemployed)
- Nagsasalita ka ba ng Ingles? (Do you speak english?)
- Ilang taon ka na? (How old are you?)
- May ____ ng taon na ako. (I'm ____ years old.)
- Tagasaan ka? (where are you from?)
- Taga _________ako. (I'm from ________.)
*** well my brain is frying from trying to think of stuff that would be good for you to say, so I'm done for now. Check this discuss again because I will proabably make another post sooner or later or Hannah will. If you have any questions feel free to ask and If I know I'll be happy to answer them or ask Hannah because she is fluent in English and Tagalog. She is very nice and would be happy to help you. O sige, paalam.(okay, good bye) for now.

independent5467Tuesday 09th of March 2004 12:01:35 PM
thanks - thats really good and it helps a lot. =)
Evan4822Friday 02nd of April 2004 04:51:16 PM
sure - That's fine if you want to post some goodbye phrases. You don't have to ask. It would be better, instead of replying on here and writing them, if after you've clicked on Tagalog then at the top there is a button to click on that says "New topic". click on that and then label the topic goodbyes or what ever you want. That way we can keep things organized (greetings seperated from goodbye and so on) O and one more thing would it be okay if I liked the phrases you post I could put them on my website? Of coarse I'll give you the credit. O sige paalam for now
Evan4822Saturday 03rd of April 2004 09:22:03 AM
O sorry. - Must have misunderstood you. I'm sorry lol =D! okay well I will post some, but I'm busy working on the page that I am making. I'll post some on there and then copy and paste them onto here.