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robbie_ukThursday 13th of January 2005 04:57:47 AM
confused!!!! - How does this work. I wanna learn tagalog or cebuano? My knowledge is basic ie. tambuk, nag lolo ka, daku oten (I think thats right, sorry if it is). My gf's from cebu and she teaches me sometimes but doesn't have the patients. by the way i'm not fat, and i don't have sex on my mind 24/7.

Hopefully someone will reply
AnyaThursday 13th of January 2005 05:19:37 AM
- Hello Robbie!
I have moved your post to the Tagalog discuss where you should find some more responses.

Basically, there are several ways to learn a language on PhraseBase. First take a look at the Tagalog discuss and ask questions here. In this way native speakers can answer specific questions you might have.

In the members section (see link above on the right), you can search for native speakers who can teach or exchange their language with you. You can use the dropdown boxes to narror your search, then click 'Go'.

By clicking on a members name, you can look at their profile where it will tell you what languages that person speaks and to which level of proficiency. You can also send PMs (personal messages) asking to exchange languages.

If you set the rightmost flag {up above} to Filipino, you will be able to see some Phrases of phrases that will get you started in building a phrasebook. With this phrasebook you would be able to start and participate in basic conversations and develop your conversational vocabulary.

You can also invite your language exchange partners into Classroom in order to use the audio/visual technology there and work on pronunciation and practice speaking!

I hope that this reduces some of the confusion for you, let me know if I can be of further help!
alequin0923Monday 17th of January 2005 09:32:29 PM
Hey Robbie! - I can help with your Tagalog and Cebuano...the message you received is somewhat not for public reading LOL

Just send me an email where I can post my reply
my yahoo id and msn msgr id is alequin0923

iandominicp77Wednesday 11th of May 2005 10:12:12 PM
Pastilan..... - I am Filipino and learning Dutch. Of all the Tagalog or Cebuano words, why these words!!!! For sure you have a very NAUGHTY GIRLFRIEND! Where did you find her anyway?

When meeting people you can always say ( in Cebuano )

Maayong Buntag! Good Morning
Maayong Udto! Good Noon
Maayong Gabii! Good evening

Kumusta? How are you doing?
Maayo man! I am doing fine!
Palihug. Please

Usa ka beer palihug. One beer please.
Pila man ang beer. How much is the beer.
Wala koy kwarta. I have no money...( in cases when someone asks for more than necessary)

Salamat. Thanks
dawn lorraineTuesday 14th of June 2005 02:43:42 PM
- Pwerteng pastilana lagi, iandominic hehehehe..!