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wheresmylumpiaFriday 03rd of September 2004 10:09:34 AM
hey any filipinos out there!? - hey! im new to this..i'd like to make some friends on here, especially filipinos. i need to learn Tagalog and possibly Waray Waray..
JayveeTuesday 09th of November 2004 12:15:10 AM
- i can help you learn tagalog, but not waray-waray
ina_baby2Tuesday 16th of November 2004 01:03:47 AM
Hey... I'm Filipino! - I'm a flip from Kansas. How are you?
ykcaj1206Friday 11th of February 2005 03:18:30 PM
Hi!!! - Hi there guys! Pilipino ako and I speak Filipino!!!!
kuzzywuzzySaturday 12th of February 2005 04:33:42 AM
- Hey ykcaj1206! Welcome to the discuss! Please feel free to post all you want :D