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a10mechsThursday 26th of May 2005 03:24:05 PM
How do you say - I miss you very much?
MorrighanThursday 26th of May 2005 06:51:47 PM
- Bulgarian: Много ми липсваш. (Mnogo mi lipsvash)

Swedish: Jag längtar efter dig / Jag saknar dig.

Turkish: Seni özledim.

French: Je m'ennuie de vous.

I hope this will help :)

nomadyThursday 26th of May 2005 07:03:27 PM
- I think that the french translation should be : Vous me manquez beaucoup (formal) / tu me manques beaucoup (informal).
I also want to add the german translation : Ich vermisse Sie (oder dich) sehr.

Ciao ! ;)
jvz8aThursday 26th of May 2005 07:15:03 PM
- I think that in Tagalog it is Miss na kita.
I don't know if you are interested in saying that in other languages, but as you already have some,
In Spanish: Te extraño mucho
dawn lorraineSaturday 04th of June 2005 08:44:54 AM
- You're right, jvz8a:) But if you want to use pure tagalog, I miss you very much is "Sabik na sabik na ako sa 'yo."

Slovenian: jaz zakasnitev vi zelo

Romanian: domnisoara tu foarte mult