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jvz8aWednesday 20th of April 2005 11:30:09 AM
I'd like to learn Tagalog - I'm looking for someone who can teach me Tagalog.
If you're learning Spanish (or want to) I can help you via e-mail, messenger or voice Classroom.
Anybody interested?
magandaThursday 21st of April 2005 01:35:58 PM
learning tagalog - hi,
wanted to learn tagalog? try to check some of this previous post of my kababayan, about how to learn tagalog or Filipino. It would be redun-dunt if I will try to post it again, so just try to check this out!


Hope this will help you to start in learning Tagalog or Filipino!
jvz8aFriday 22nd of April 2005 07:45:47 PM
- :D Thank you, maganda! :D
magandaSunday 24th of April 2005 09:57:28 PM
- Hi there!
Walang Anuman! ( Your welcome)!