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Evan4822Friday 19th of March 2004 01:45:43 PM
Learn Tagalog - My friend Matt and I made a website for everyone to come to learn and share their knowlege of Tagalog/ filipino so please come and join. Tell us what you know or ask questions or just enjoy. There is also a link to Matt's site there too.


Pyros_amanteFriday 19th of March 2004 07:14:17 PM
- i like it, i joined it, dude!
nateMonday 09th of August 2004 06:40:57 PM
hey - i joined as well man...i need all the help i can get
akildasanMonday 06th of September 2004 06:46:55 PM
salamat - Akil ang panggalan mo. Gusto ko ng mga posts mo, Evan. Salamat. I just wanna say that I really appreciate your posts man. I'm also really feeling what you said about filipina women; they are truly beautiful and noble... at least that's how I feel about my queen. Anyway, thanks again for the knowledge, you're doing us all a service.
prometheusSunday 12th of September 2004 08:03:02 AM
i took a look - i signed up for your sight and took a look around there seems to be a lot of useful information in there i will defanetly have to go back when i have more time
wrexTuesday 19th of October 2004 07:57:05 PM
.Net - Too bad - Wish there was another way to sign up, besides with .net. I refuse to use it :-P Yea, I am anti-micro$oft, heh heh.
JayveeMonday 08th of November 2004 09:12:19 AM
- hi, i can help you learning tagalog.