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CamiaFriday 30th of April 2004 03:29:05 PM
Learning Filipino/Tagalog - Hi Guys,
I really want to learn how to speak filipino :) Any help would be sooooo appreciated :) If you can help me, plz email me or contact me on msn or AIM :) Thanks.
moirahFriday 18th of June 2004 11:03:05 AM
hi,camia! - 'just logged in today in the group.i might help u in learning tagalog.i'm a filipina(my father's half-spanish,half filipino too,my mom's filipina).how would you like me to help you (translate your english sentences to filipino, teach you words,phrases,basics)? inform me, and i'll do my best to make you understand my native language. i'm here in the group as i was looking for someone to assist me in speaking japanese,as my husband is japanese but we converse a lot in english.we stay in japan at present.'hope to hear from you,okay?
CamiaFriday 18th of June 2004 11:55:16 PM
Hey - Add me on msn :)