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Evan4822Sunday 07th of March 2004 01:59:01 PM
Learning Tagalog questions. - Hi. It's me Evan! I've put together some basics to help you ask some simple questions? My spelling is pretty good, but I might mispell a tagalog word every once in a while, but that is how you pronounce it probably. If this helps anyone I will post some different subjects like giving simple commands and extended greetings (not just saying kamusta ka and then mabuti). I can also give some good vocabulary to help you conversationally. You can e-mail me with questions and If I can answer them I would be happy to.

Nasaan - Where?
Ano - What?
ang - subject marker (commom noun marker)
si - (proper noun) subject marker
ng - linker connecting the adjective to the following noun
mga - Plural marker
sa - Place marker (to/from/in/on/etc.)
ka - you
mo - you
siya - he/she
ko/ako - I
ba - question marker
at - can be used for the word "and"
kami - we
Nasaan ang Bano? (where is the bathroom?)
Nasaan ang mga maleta? (where are the suitcases?)
Nasaan ang bangko? (where is the bank?)
Saan ko maipaparada(to park) ng Kotse? (where can I park the car?)
Nasaan ang kotse namin? (where's our car?)
Nasan ang mga anak mo? (where are your children?)
Nasaan ako? (where am I?) hahahaha!
Nasaan ang mga damit ko? (where are my clothes?)

Nasaan ang tindahan? (where is the store?)
Nasaan ang bay bay dagat? (where is the beach?)
Nasaan ang botika? (where's the drug store?)
Nasaan ang istasyon ng tren? (where's the train station?)
Nasaan si Evan? (where is Evan?)
Nasaan si Tanya? (where is Tanya?)
Nasaan si John? (where is john?)

---where questions are generally answered by Nasa plus the location

Nasa kusina (in the kitchen)
Nasa aklatan (the library)
Nasa tindahan (the store)
Nasa parke (the park)
Nasa istasyon ng pulis (the polise station)
--Ewan ko. (I don't know)
--Hindi ko alam. (I don't know)

----Saan ka pupunta? -Where are you goin?
Diyan lang sa tindahan (just there to the store)
---Saan ka galing? -Where have you been? (accient the 'a')
pupunta ako sa tindahan.- Im going to the store
pupunta kami sa aklatan.- We're going to the library
Ano ang numero ng telepono mo?(What's your telephone number)

anong oras na? what time is it
Ano ito? what's this
---very important question---
Ano sa tagalog ang chair? (What in tagalog is Chair?)
Anong gusto mong inumin? (What would you like to drink?)

---Some more question that might help---
May pluma ka ba? ( Do you have a pen? )
Ligtas bang lumangoy dito? (is it safe to swim here?)
Maaari bang makigamit ng telepono mo? (may I use your telephone)
Saan ako makabibili ng ticket? (Where can I buy a ticket?)
Saan ako makakakuha ng taksi? (where can I get a taxi?)
magkano ito? (How much does this cost?)

----Once you have started to speak these things you might need these--------

Hindi ko naiintindihan.(I don't understand.)
Dahan-dahan ang pagsasalita. (please speak more slowly)

*******Well that's it for now Im tired of writing**********
********O and leave me you feed back what you think********
Pyros_amanteSunday 07th of March 2004 05:10:34 PM
thanx - thanx dude!
nateMonday 09th of August 2004 07:17:07 PM
thanx - thanx man, you have got a good idea what type of stuff beginners need I might be coming to you for questions if thats alright with you