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CaddoDragonThursday 23rd of September 2004 06:44:15 PM
new member - Hello, everyone!, I am trying to learn tagalog, and just wanting to make knew friends.I also would like to learn other things about peoople from other places, so write me...
Peter fra LAThursday 14th of October 2004 10:13:18 PM
- Hi William,

welcome aboard!

I am going ot move you into the appropriate language discuss.

The only other thing you may want to think about is resizing your photograph smaller than 150 pixels wide by 150 pixels high. That way you have more room for people to read what you write.

alequin0923Tuesday 19th of October 2004 12:11:06 PM
Hi Caddo! - Hi Caddo!

Filipino is a combination of so many languages, and we are pleased to know that you want to learn it. Hannah is the Filipino Administrator and has prepared so many posts for you to learn the basics.

You may also visit the site
its very helpful and composed of step by step instructions.

Hanggang sa muli!