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pogiamboyWednesday 25th of August 2004 07:14:50 PM
Poem - I was wondering if someone could convert this from English to Tagalog for me? It's a poem i wrote for a Filipina girl.

You will always be in my heart,
whether we are together or ever apart,
when i feel down and i'm feeling blue,
all i need is a sweet text message from you,
it drives me wild to kiss your perfect round lips,
it's like being in heaven while im still on earth,
there is no way to ever express what you are worth,
you always bring out the very best in me,
i want to wake up next to you for all my life,
for you are the beaufitful woman of my dreams,
and you will someday be my wife,
Tink you feel so good and amazingly right,
my heart is so in love it's making me write a poem on a friday night.

Her nickname is Tink like Tinkerbell in case that sounded weird.

pogiamboyThursday 26th of August 2004 03:13:19 PM
nobody? - Guess no one can do this for me? Nobody wants to help?
akildasanMonday 06th of September 2004 06:24:45 PM
- If someone translated your poem, it would lose its rhyme and meter. Perhaps you should work backwards by trying to compose a poem with Tagalog phrases and words incorporated. Besides, your lady would appreciate it more if you invested time into learning and using her language (instead of just getting it translated). In any case, if you didn't do it yourself, someone could give you a bogus translation and really play you like a chump.
maeWednesday 10th of November 2004 10:30:30 AM
- [quote]Originally posted by pogiamboy

Guess no one can do this for me? Nobody wants to help?[/quote]

hi, first off, nice poem! ;p

do you still need a translation? because i just saw your request... akil has a point with regards to rhythm and rhyme but i can give it a shot... it won't sound a nice as its english counterpart but i'll see what i can do... :)

send me a PM if you still want your poem translated or if you want help creating your own... :) we can Classroom while working on it or something... :)

Thursday 11th of November 2004 05:09:02 AM
- hi, do you still want to translate it to tagalog.