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coresoftMonday 16th of May 2005 08:55:34 PM
basics - i want to learn basics of tamil
btlvs2Friday 22nd of July 2005 09:28:35 AM
hope this helps - hI!

Basics of Tamil- Well its a real old language with about 216 basic alphabets. It generally follows the structure of Subject- object- verb (SOV) in its basic sentences, which is a little different from English.

The basic words that we use:

I -Naan
My- En
Mine- Enuudaya
Us- Naam
He- Ah-ven (This is when refering to male counterpart who you do not have to accord respect to eg. a younger person or yr friends)
She- Ah-vel (As above- for female that you do not accord respect)
He/She (with respect)- Ah-varr
Them- Ah-var-gal
It - Ah-thu

Names of everyday objects/things/persons:
house- veedu
pen- peh-naa
paper- thaal
train- Rah-yil
dog: Naa-i

Mother: Amma
Father: Appa
Elder Sister: Akka
Younger sis: Thangai

to eat: saapidu
to play: vilaiyadu
to go: sehl

The form of the verb is modified depending on the gender, number of people, tense and respect accorded to the subject. It will match with the form of the subject used.

Eg. of sentences:

Naan pahliku selkirain
I am going to school
=pahliku- to school where pahli means school
=selkirain- sel is the word to indicate go and the addition of rain at the back is used when it is refering to me, in the present tense.

I know this may be a bit confusing but hope this helps!

AviTuesday 16th of August 2005 03:31:38 AM
- It would be better to learn the தமிழ் script for correct pronounciation.

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