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LeleSaturday 05th of March 2005 10:17:32 PM
Sawasdee krap! - I am looking for some help in basic Thai cos it is necessary for my work and especially because I adore Thailand, Thai people and Thai culture. My level is very low as I just started studying, but I'd ne grateful if somebody can help me. In return I can help with Italian, English, Spanish, German, Chinese or Russian. Khob khoon krap in advance...
Kind Regards,
ying_yingTuesday 08th of March 2005 03:34:12 PM
i can teach you thai - i can tell you some basic that u want.
hello = sawasdee ka (for girls to speak)
sawasdee krab(for guys to speak )
how are you? = khun sabai dee mai (ka,krab)
i'm fine = chan sabai dee ka ( a girl speaks this)
= phome sabai dee krab ( a guy speaks this)
how old are you? = khun ar-yu thao rai (ka,krab)
i'm twenty years old = chan/phome ar-yu yi-sib phee
thank you = khob khun (ka,krab)
sorry = kho thod (ka,krab)
bye = la korn (ka,krab) but Thai people always speak bye bye.
no = mai (ka,krab)
yes = chai (ka,krab)
ok = tok long (ka,krab)
no problem = mai mee phan ha
what are you doing = khun gam lang tham a-rai yu
what = a-rai
where = tee nai
I = chan(chan is a girl)
phome (phome is a guy)
* P.S. phome is used with krab only
chan is used with ka only

LeleWednesday 09th of March 2005 12:55:38 AM
Khob khoon krap! - Thanks so much for telling me the basic sentences.
I'll learn it quickly.
Do u have suggestions on memorizing alphabet?
Thanks in advance!
Paige1989Tuesday 22nd of March 2005 03:00:27 AM
- I've been trying to learn Thai and I can reccommend some very, very good websites. <---This is an awesome site! It has a ton of information, how to speak in different tones, and lessons that are easy to follow. There are a lot of links on this site that will give you more experiences as well. <---This is a discusss board that there are tons of people to help you out.
Paige1989Tuesday 22nd of March 2005 03:03:46 AM
- I tried to edit my post but it didn't let me so...For the alphabet, on the first site I suggested on the lefthand index go to Read with Manee. It goes through a step-by-step process of learning the alphabet because a few letters are introduced per lesson and then you read simple sentences using those letters. There are 22 lessons in all and I've only been studying for a few weeks and I'm at lesson four so it doesn't take too terribly long...
LeleTuesday 22nd of March 2005 05:29:28 PM
Thanks! - Thank you Paige!
This page is real great!
I hope i can learn too! :)
Have a nice day!

phenix_duelequartzFriday 03rd of June 2005 09:58:36 PM
+--(^-^) -+-+ - --+- ----> ---> :D
LeleMonday 06th of June 2005 05:40:36 PM
Khob khoon krap! - The site proved to be really useful for me cos it gives many different fonts for Thai which is so useful "down on the field" for reading newspapers and signs around Thailand.
Thanks alot!! :)