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BlowfishFriday 10th of June 2005 04:59:57 PM
Om mani padme hum - Hi all :)
Well, this sub-discuss seems to be quite dead...
I've got a question. It's about the famous mantra "om mani padme hum" (or "peme hum"...)
I know that came from India and, for that reason, some of the letters in the tibetan script of this mantra, are taken directly from sanskrit.
Is there anyone that could explain the syllables?
I mean, i can easily recognize all the tibetan letters and the pronunciation (especially for the first syllables), but :

- What's the meaning of the little "circle" over the "om."? Why it isn't "mo."?

- "Mani." is on a single syllable, but in this case, "ma" shouldn't be just a prefix? So, "mani." shouldn't be as "" in 2 different syllables?

- In "padme.", the "ma" under "pa" isn't just a modifier? If so, it should be just "pe.", right? But, since it is "padme." or "peme.", this means that the "ma" has to be read. So, why that "ma" isn't put as a syllable with his own vowel? (the vowel "e" is just over the "pa")

- Last syllable is quite hard to understand for me... i can just recognize the "ha" and i can see the old sanskrit letters... any hints ?

Thanx :)