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MohanRaviSaturday 11th of September 2004 06:39:23 AM
Tibetan - I will spend next summer in Tibet and want to begin learning Tibetan. Evangelists, any? Or other people getting started?
skb4eroThursday 04th of November 2004 04:08:55 AM
Tibetan - I want to start to learn Tibetan myself. It is one of my goals to go to Tibet as well. I wish you the best of luck. When you get back, maybe you can teach me the alphabet in Tibetan. Good Luck
vertigoSaturday 04th of December 2004 08:59:29 PM
- The only site I have for Tibetan is this one:

Might be useful as an introduction to the language if you can get the font displayed properly.

skb4eroTuesday 14th of December 2004 04:56:04 AM
Thank You - Thank you Vertigo, This is a great help.
bharatiWednesday 23rd of March 2005 09:50:57 PM
Tibetan language - I want to learn tibetan language.
Will appreciate help from anyone ..............
bukkyotoTuesday 26th of April 2005 10:13:15 AM
- does anyone know anything about tibetan buddhiism?