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proteusSunday 09th of January 2005 06:43:30 AM
selaam - selaaaamlar herkese .
amaan da ilk gelen türk benmisim , amanda Emre'ye feyk atmısım:)
hadi gidip ögrenelim , geliselim ;)
GulyaTuesday 11th of January 2005 06:33:22 PM
Hi! - Let's be friends!
I'd like to learn Turkish. Can you help me?
zappieTuesday 18th of January 2005 10:16:08 PM
Turkce - Dear Gulya,

This is not the right place to ask Turkish language related questions. You must go to the Altaic - Turkish section. Being an Uzbek speaker you must have a good Turkish understanding, at least in written. The owners are my friends. Try contacting them. You may drop me e-mail with specific questions at too. You may write in Russian.
By the way the Turkey Turkish is more "yaxshi" ;)
nenijWednesday 16th of March 2005 05:36:58 PM
- hey,
so im turkish and i am having lots of difficulties about that. ok, not in Turkey (maybe) but if i want to travel or sth i need a visa.. well actually they have a reason to ask for a visa but lets say i applied of it (and oh yes i did!!) i couldnt take it!
they might ask for a visa but you pay lots of money on that so i think they should give that visa to u..
all turkish people are not covered if anyone interested!! some of them are covered and those are the ones who learned religion in a bad way or in the way they want.
i think turkey is a really great place to "see" not to live in..
if u want to know more about turkey, please dont hesitate to ask me:

TurkmanWednesday 27th of April 2005 02:09:41 AM
Turkey is a great place - Hey Nenij you are right Turkey is beautiful place especialy Istanbul. i have visited once and will go again this fall. I am American who is wanting to learn Turkish because i will visit alot in the years to come.