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Jess4Saturday 01st of January 2005 01:48:08 AM
USA - If anyone wants to know about the US, just ask.
shemeshSaturday 01st of January 2005 07:48:17 PM
i do, actually ;) - hi there, Jess,

Happy New Year to you ;) Well, think, i do interesting ;)
Jess4Saturday 15th of January 2005 09:32:08 AM
- The US is a very nice place.
MarinSaturday 29th of January 2005 11:41:54 AM
- It is not a place; it is much more. And each state is not a place. May be a small town is a place... I am not sure
diakonosSaturday 12th of February 2005 03:55:52 AM
Yeah, Tell me 'bout it - I thought there'd be at least a couple hundred posts in the USA group for this discuss... but actually, ya know... how many americans know more than how to say "hola" or somethin' like that??? here; this reflects our geographical and linguistic ignorance (no offense of course) ; i am a long-generation american and know that, so don't take it the wrong way you language enthusiasts...
phatWednesday 09th of March 2005 05:40:20 AM
- hehe...what he said^^

bit dissapointing isn't it, oh well
Those of us Americans that care about languages will just have to make up for the masses that think Taco Bell is Mexican food.
Jess4Tuesday 12th of April 2005 11:07:06 AM
- Yeah the US is a great place but we don't really care about other languages. I'm learning spanish and it's really fun. Sadly, it's the only foreign language offered in our school district. I'd like to learn as many languages as is humanly possible.

Taco Bell isn't Mexican food I know but it is kinda tasty!
anne-marieFriday 20th of May 2005 11:10:39 PM
- Some of the traditional Hispanics where I live totally boycott Taco Bell and deem it evil, hehe.

Actually, since our society is becoming increasingly global, I think students are more interested in learning new languages. I think you all are just causing more stereotypes about Americans, but hey, that's just my opinion.
ruby77Sunday 12th of June 2005 12:39:20 PM
- is there any other fourm i can regster in

normal one??