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AnyaFriday 17th of September 2004 04:38:06 PM
WeatherWatch - I just wanted to write to those that have been affected by the recent weather. I hope you are all safe and evacuated if needed (whether on the west or east or somewhere else).

Even here in the North, it took us 3 hours to get home today because three of the four possible roads were blocked by landslides and standing water. I can't even imagine how things are in the carribean and along the paths of this rough weather!

jeuphonyTuesday 21st of September 2004 07:52:17 PM
- How far north are you? Tennessee was spared for the most part, except for one town, which was under 6 feet of water. And then, of course, part of interstate 40 (from the Tennessee state line to North Carolina marker 20) went down the mountain. How bad was it there?
AnyaTuesday 21st of September 2004 08:57:51 PM
- I'm in Pittsburgh, in the North Hills. Our neighborhood just had water drainage spewing fountains in the air, but a little closer to the river, whole towns got obliterated by water and yards rode out to the middle of streets. My dad couldn't get home for 4 hours from Oakland, and arrived with a "sears bolt" in his tire (you know the kind they secure refrigerators with?). I changed the flat for him, so we got away very lightly, we didn't have to pile the contents of our house out and start anew.
Mother nature seems so selective! I feel like it hits those, that are least able to deal with the damage :(
The casualty in Pittsburgh is that a deaf man got swept away with the flooding waters. We are still hoping that he was able to swim out. sigh*