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t-moorTuesday 22nd of February 2005 05:52:19 PM
Useful Uzbek links - Here is the list of the most useful Uzbek language links:

UzPhrases - website for translators and linguists [my personal website]: [url][/url]
In our discuss:
you may improve your Uzbek and get necessary assistance, so please join us :)

Free Uzbek E-Books (here you may also download free English, Spanish and other language E-Books):

Free Uzbek dictionaries (here you may also find dictionaries in all languages of the world): - Website of a well-known Uzbek poet and writer-historian, Khurshid Davron, in English, Russian and Uzbek - New Uzbek-English Dictionary - Uzbek-English-Russian Economic Dictionary - Uzbek-English Online Dictionary - Uzbek-English, German-Uzbek and Turkmen-English Online Dictionaries - Let's Learn Uzbek - Introduction to the Uzbek Language - Outline of Uzbek Grammar - Orthographic Rules for the Uzbek Language - Uzbek Teachionary Word Sets

Enjoy them!!!