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aronbwraThursday 27th of May 2004 08:22:54 PM
Mar Caribe - I'd like to talk about a great place to live in such as Venezuela, a Country tormented with poverty, and corruption but at the same time a wonderfull place to live in!
ashezFriday 28th of May 2004 07:19:16 PM
Venezuela: - well,
what kind of stuff should we talk about? I basically know nothing about Venezuela
MaryamMonday 16th of August 2004 10:01:49 AM
Venezuela: - I am sure it must be a very beautiful country. I have realized that the more a country is under a state of poverty, the more beautiful its hidden treasures; not only the landscapes so wild and special, but also its people. And the more a country has had a rich soil (including precious stones, like emeralds in Venezuela...) the most deplorable is now its situation. Just by remembering the longtime rich countries in Africa for example and all their civilization and wealthy, has been engulfed by the modern era; I still love more the poor countries, I feel more complete when I am there than in the richest ones. Some places in the world have still treasures. And I am sure Venezuela is one of them. Greetings...:-)
rosanaFriday 04th of February 2005 12:19:12 PM
- i'm from venezuela and what ^^ she said is true venezuela is a great country....
HaroldMonday 27th of June 2005 11:02:31 PM
Venezuela - I have read a lot about Venezuela and am looking foreward to visiting Isla Margarita this fall. This is one reason I am studying spanish.