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ernie_usaFriday 11th of February 2005 10:48:04 AM
Learning VN Teaching USA - Cho!

My girlfriend is Vietnamese and I am American. She is so very nice and wonderful! I wish to learn her language, and I'm willing to teach english too.

Thank you :-)

kimbongduaFriday 04th of March 2005 09:11:34 PM
hi - my name is Kim .i 'm so willing to help u some on Vnese.i hope i can teach u some but the problem is i am not good at english .i think we can help each other .but this is not the most important ,i would like to reply to u because i see ur intendency ,u want to know more Vnese 'cause u have Vnese gf (it's so cool) .she must be surprised when u know much in Vn! i hope we can meet & discuss some matters .Bye .hope to be ur friend! and the last but not least sentence i wanna say is Vnese girls always kind,nice& smart :))
if u want to give me some mail ,plz send it to i also come to yahoomesseger to Classroom at 7pm VN time .:).hope u success in Vnese!
TigonTrangWednesday 16th of March 2005 11:27:26 AM
Will help - Sure Cho.
Just post your questions. I will try to help if I can .
My name is Tigon, living in USA.
I also want to improve my english.
TobeKnightMonday 21st of March 2005 07:24:42 PM
I also want to learn Vietnamese (Ti cũng muốn học tiếng Việt) - Hello, I'd like to learn more Vietnamese. I know a little bit of the southern dialect and I have a Vietnamese-English dictionary which is pretty helpful. I guess i'm just looking for practice with my speech and writing.

Ti dang kiếm người biết tiếng Việt cho ti học v tập dng. Neu ai muốn tập ni tiếng Anh th tập voi ti v ti l người Việt snh ở Mỹ.
CeeHollaTuesday 29th of March 2005 07:09:39 AM
- Hey does anyone want to help me learn Viet? I'm quick and very interested in learning. I've got a girl friend who is Viet. She'd help me learn but she's so busy with school already. Hopefully, I'll learn and surprise her and we can communicate in a whole new way. Also, my same friend wants me to go back to Vietnam with her in 2006 after graduation. I just think its such an interesting language and every Viet person I've met has been sooo nice. :D
tstar49Saturday 02nd of April 2005 04:14:53 AM
I need a translation - How do you translate this into Vietnamese?

"To the love and happiness of the bride and groom?"
andrew4558Sunday 10th of April 2005 09:21:48 PM
Translation - "To the love and happiness of the bride and groom"
I suppose you would say this phre when proposing a toast .
"Cầu chc cho tnh yu v hạnh phc c du v ch rể"
texazn44Monday 11th of April 2005 10:31:23 AM
need help with vietnamese - hey! i also would like to learn vietnamese. my mom is vietnamese and i would like to learn so we can speak together, and one day would like to go to vietnam to meet all my family. i would have my mom teach me but she lives in NY and i live in texas. anyway, i would appreciate any help. thanks-john
My email is
exquisite___nanSaturday 16th of April 2005 09:35:41 AM
I want to learn how to read and write~! - I'm half Vietnamese (1/4 Chinese and 1/4 Cambodian). As I've been growing up in Canada (since I was born there) I haven't been speaking much of my own language except English. I don't know how to read or write Vietnamese, but I'm willing to learn. The only other language I'm learning is French which is at school, but I would like to be able to, AT LEAST speak ONE of the languages my parents speak to me at home.
peterpan11375Sunday 17th of April 2005 08:49:26 PM
Learn Vietnamese - I also would like to learn the vietnamese language. I am a man living in New York City and enjoy listening to vietnamese music and now want to understand what the words mean. I would also like to talk to vietnamese people in their language. I can help my teacher to speak and write english so that we can assist each other. Thank You in advance
xXJosieXxSunday 26th of June 2005 09:09:50 PM
- I also would like to learn Vietnamese; I love the sound of the language, but as yet have not found anyone to teach me! I would also be willing to help teaching English and basic French should anyone wish, just as an aside, but really, please can someone teach me Vnese?