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jeffSaturday 28th of February 2004 09:58:02 PM
Living in Vietnam - I would very much appreciate your helping me learn
French language if possible.

Well, Vietnam be called Vietnam's greatest national
hero who over the last 2000 years.

Vietnam is known as a land of culture and refinement
and its people have the reputation of being
industrious, graceful, orderly, skillful, adaptable
and well educated.

The recent liberalisation of foreign investment and
relaxation of visa regulations for tourists seem to be
part of a general Vietnamese openning up to the world.

The Climate, there is always somewhere that is sunny
and plesantly warm. And i see shades of green all over
the country.

I am living in Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon), it is busy,
inside Saigon is too busy. If you live in a place
that's a lot more quiet so it's more enjoyable for
you. Anyway, good to go over here to visit!
rhbSaturday 10th of April 2004 02:37:39 PM
- I am just completing a 3-month visit to the Saigon area. I find the rapid pace of economic change here exciting. Right now the cost of living is still very low compared to the U.S., but don't wait too long -- things are changing rapidly! The city is indeed very busy. The people are generally friendly, and the scenery in many country areas is wonderful.
kilbanatorWednesday 22nd of December 2004 06:31:53 AM
Vietnam - Does anyone here know Vietnamese well enough to teach me?

quynhquynhFriday 28th of January 2005 12:00:49 PM
- Hi everyone,
so glad to hear you guys like my country,
I left Ho chi minh City 2 year ago,I guess now my city has changed alot. Jeff, have you been in Vietnam on Tet ( a biggest traditional holiday of Vietnamese)? It'll be really fun. Now Tet's comming. I miss the sense of Tet very much. I really miss my hometown,
Even though it's a busy country, It's a nice place to live. Have you guys try vietnamese food? it's really delicious and cheap. Hope you guy have a lot of fun there.
garywhkTuesday 22nd of February 2005 05:03:51 PM
Vietnam draw - I first visited Vietnam last year (2004) during Tet. Since then I have been back 7 times. I was just there again for Tet a little over a week ago. I've spent a lot of time in Nha Trang and have made a number of Vietnamese friends there. Now, I am trying to learn Vietnamese and I'm planning to move to Vietnam before the end of 2006. I've fallen in love with the people there and want to do something positive to help a community of people I've come to know to improve their ability to improve their lives.
jonidontcryThursday 24th of February 2005 04:09:32 PM
- Yeah it's really great our Tet :)
I love the feeling being together with my family :)
If you wanna get help in Vietnamese, you can contact me at Yahoo ID: joni_donotcry.
Hope that I can help you :)
noi_nhunSaturday 26th of February 2005 05:16:41 AM
Trips to Viet Nam - OK. So how do you guys manage to go to Viet Nam so often. Is there a place to get super low fares somewhere? I too am learning Vietnamese. I am also really new to Phrasebase.
iceblinkFriday 04th of March 2005 02:05:37 PM
oh yeah - if you are interested in Viet language and culture, here is my email address
phamdaclocTuesday 05th of July 2005 06:51:12 PM
Wanna teach Vietnamese - If anyone would like to learn Vietnamese, contact me: