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cheesyamoebaMonday 16th of May 2005 09:18:08 AM
Phrases - English to Vietnamese, please...

"Did you take this moment for granted?"

meimeihnWednesday 25th of May 2005 11:05:32 PM
- Could you take a longer sentence, or just introduce the background of this sentence (e.g: who says it? To whom he/she says? etc). Only knowing this do I translate exactly the pronoun "you" and the meaning of this sentence
meimeihnWednesday 25th of May 2005 11:11:13 PM
- I just help you to translate temporarily like this:
"Bạn có cho rằng khoảnh khắc này là điều dĩ nhiên không?"
But I really need to know the background of this sentence
cheesyamoebaThursday 26th of May 2005 12:01:01 AM
This Moment - Okay:

The idea is that I don't separate life intervals into days, hours, weeks (etc.)-- for one. Only in moments (which can vastly range from a few seconds to years).

Secondly, the other idea expressed is that RIGHT NOW is happening, and therefore I am confronting this very moment and asking the reader (me, you, anyone) if they are appreciating the moment they are currently experiencing as much as they should be. It's a reminder of sorts.
meimeihnThursday 26th of May 2005 10:15:18 AM
- "Bạn có cho rằng khoảnh khoắc này cũng rất đáng trân trọng không?"
"Bạn có trân trọng khoảnh khắc này không?"
"Bạn đă cảm nhận được hết khoảnh khắc này chưa?"
"Bạn đă cảm nhận được hết giờ phút này chưa?"

"khoảnh khắc này","giờ phút này" both mean "this moment", but I would prefer "khoảnh khắc", this word is more beautiful.I think the third sentence is the best translation of mine, but not the last one. I am not a writer, so I think the way I translate is not so poetic.