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tinkerbWednesday 26th of January 2005 06:10:23 AM
Alphabets -
I'd love to see each language category, insofar as possible, have a sticky post with the alphabet. I'd love to see this especially with Asian languages and those using non-Roman scripts because very few sites (other than perhaps Omniglot) have them listed, and they are key to learning a language. Even many textbooks romanize languages that are actually written different (non-Roman) scripts. Cyrillic is already posted in the Russian discuss, and that is awesome!

Although Phrasebase advocates learning phrases prior to grammatical points such as this, the alphabet is a fundamental building block in writing (and posting!) in that language.

So along with my wish, I would love to encourage anyone who knows another alphabet to post it in the respective sections. It would be a great learning tool for all of us!
AnyaSunday 06th of February 2005 06:56:29 AM
- Excellent idea Tink,
I've been pondering over your post for a little while as to how to organize this information and I think I am ready to undertake this project. It would be really helpful either in individual language discusss, or even as a separate section dedicated to world alphabets!

Let's collect together all that we use and can find and I will convert them to a standard format for students to use.
I have 4 done, but there are lots of other if anyone would like to contribute to this, please send me an email: Anya @ phrasebase . com and I will include yours!