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MarjaWednesday 02nd of March 2005 03:51:05 AM
Faroese - Hi everyone,

While searching for info on Scandinavia to fill my brain with, I discovered that the Faroe Islands actually have their own language, Faroese, as well as them speaking Danish (The Faroes are kinda owned by Denmark).
Faroese is a germanic language similar to Icelandic and some northern dialects of Norwegian.
Being fascinated by Scandinavia as a whole, I am rather intreagued by Faroese and thought maybe a discuss could be started for the language if enough people are interested.
I can provide some basics of the language myself but being a learner also, there is only so much I can do at the moment. So if there's anybody out there who does know quite a bit of the language and would like to help, that would be fantastic!

If anybody is interested, let me know by posting here on this thread. Thanks! :)
gaudryWednesday 02nd of March 2005 02:48:25 PM
- Heck yes.

The first thing I thought when I ran across this place was "What?!?! No Faroese discuss?!"
chelle73Wednesday 02nd of March 2005 03:29:32 PM
- This is weird. i was just reading about faroese tonight. it's the first i've heard of it also. i was listening to some audio files and i love it. i wouldn't mind learning a little.
AnyaThursday 03rd of March 2005 05:56:26 AM
- One Faroese discuss for you guys: http://www.phrasebase.c../../discuss/board.php?FID=316

MarjaThursday 03rd of March 2005 11:00:21 PM
- Thanks Anya, you're a star! :)