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snotraSunday 05th of June 2005 01:59:48 PM
If u want to change ur......?? - hey my dear pbans ......:) man is a animal who is never satisfied with what he is........:D:D

Ulven the nicest Wolf asked u ... why u choozed ur particular nick nem on pb ? he was right ?? big question !! :D:D

now i ask u if u get a chance to change it ..... (smiling ?? dont :( not now ) what will b ur new nick ?

mine will be ........ bullfighter urs plz :) ??
jvz8aSunday 05th of June 2005 02:04:09 PM
- Well, since I would have to change it, it should be pretty different from the current one.
I think I'd choose my old nick : Yo_mero which means precisely me.
Druhim VanashtaSunday 05th of June 2005 02:27:26 PM
- Precisely me....I like that. That's perfect.

But since it is already taken by Javier, I would choose Druhim Vanashta. It was the name of a fictional suterranean city in a book I read long ago. The description was lovely, and so is the name.

Come to think of it, I may change it anyway. I think I like that better. Good idea Snotra!

AnyaSunday 05th of June 2005 05:53:09 PM
- eeeks! Let me post something to clarify dear Snotra!
Changing names and changing name tags is a little different. Member names, specifically usernames, because I would hope you'd choose to keep your real name in real life, are somewhat hard to change. With 38,580 members as of this instant, makes for a lot of unique names!

My proposal was to make unique titles (name tags) for those members who are extremely involved in making this community the place that it is and have attained the level of Specialist. In that time, they have shared with us various quirks, wisdom and bloopers that pave the way to making a natural nametag. Marta, Joe and I will be going through and voting on the designations and they will be up for discussion to make sure that each nametag fits appropriately.

With that said, I hope you see that I meant the changes are ONLY in the member title/role=name tag and NOT their actual username.

When I first learned the process of renaming a user for the purpose of becoming an administrator (since we all have our first names as our user names), I had made a mistake in not checking the case sensitivity of letters in their name (remember Helen?) and somehow I managed to link helen from India with Helen from Estonia. Needless to say, I didn't do that again! But, please, I won't be able to flawlessly change EVERYONE's actual usernames, so instead, help me out with making "Specialists" feel more welcome!

I hope you understand my dilemma, guys!

P.S. Bullfighter sounds pretty good, Snot', but gosh will I miss your goddesslike name!
deliaSunday 05th of June 2005 07:55:16 PM
- Sno,don't change your name
snotraSunday 05th of June 2005 09:24:49 PM
- Anya ........ the "active administrator " :D u will not miss me..... i heard many ppl saying that they want to i just wanted what names they want !! i too dont want to miss "Anya" :)
UlvenSunday 05th of June 2005 09:31:34 PM
- Druhim Vanashta. I'll call you that even if you can't get it officially changed. Excellent name.

Some names I'd go with;











"Snotra_slanderer" :p

snotraSunday 05th of June 2005 09:35:50 PM
- what is slander my dear Wolf ? :D:D !! it must b smthing good ...... tk care !!
Druhim VanashtaMonday 06th of June 2005 11:22:43 AM
- lol

I am voting for webcam nudist! Don't get me wrong, Ulven, I am not suggesting that you actually take your clothes off. But it is hilarious and it would scare the life out of anyone new whenever you showed up in the Classroom room.

evil laughter ensues