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rbrumaWednesday 01st of September 2004 06:58:43 AM
Unicode support - Hello,

I'm reiterating here a wish that has been already expressed and that somehow "is in the air" in all the posts that I have seen.

The code that parses the posts has, in my opinion, one great disadvantage, in the fact that it does not allow normal Unicode escape characters to be inserted, thus removing any usefullness of teaching one language which uses other characters than the standard latin alphabet.

It is not possible to teach a language, by means of writing, if you are unable to write in that language! How will somenone be able to teach me anything in Arabic, Armenian, Greek or dozens of other languages if they are not able to write what they want to say.

Of course, other methods exist (like direct email messages), but I believe that changing the parsing mechanism would allow a more enthusiastic community to be formed.

I look forward to your opinions on the matter.


jeffSunday 05th of September 2004 06:56:25 AM
Your Wish is My Command - Hi Razvan -

Aptly put. I was so inspired by your succinct, well articulated, diplomatic message and display of professionalism, that I got on it right away.

Ok, Unicode is now supported in the discuss, I just hope that everyone will use English as often as possible, especially in the Subject and Topic of messages as to prevent "language-only" cliques from forming and alienating others from discussions.

Thanks, and here's proof... いいです、ありがとうございます

rbrumaTuesday 07th of September 2004 02:30:59 AM
Great job! - Thanks Jeff, I think your work would be regarded as a great step forward by all the users of this site.