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tinkerbSaturday 27th of November 2004 08:28:40 AM
Would love to see... -
Just a thought, but it would be great to have sections devoted to more less commonly taught and less commonly learned languages.

My wish list would include sections on Quechua (Peruvian and Bolivian), Quichua (Ecuatorian Unified), Aymara, Mayan (probably Yucatec), and Guaraní.

Quechua/Quichua has over 10 million speakers, and even Microsoft is translating its products into it:

Granted, there are some serious issues with this and the article isn't completely correct, but it's a start. :)

chinita96Saturday 27th of November 2004 10:21:01 AM
- Neat Tinkerb! Yes I am familiar with Quechua and Guaraní, and the others you mentioned. Those are some of the less commonly taught and learned languages.

My wishlist would be: Irish Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic, Dutch, Italian (even though it's more common), Arabic, and Tagalog. I might also look into the different dialects of spanish, since Nikii started posts in the Basque section. Basque and Catalan might turn up on my list later on.

Even though I have sections for mine... that is my learning wish list. Those are the ones I would love to learn. Some day I will get through my list.

Good wish list though Tinkerb!
tinkerbSaturday 27th of November 2004 12:03:03 PM

Chinita96, you said you are familiar with Quechua. Just out of curiousity, which dialect(s)? And can you speak/write it?

I recently returned from the Ecuatorian Amazon and am familiar with the Sierra/Unified and a little bit lesser with the Amazonian dialect. Kan munakpi, ņukanchikka rimanakunata ushanchik. Ņukata killkapay!

chinita96Friday 03rd of December 2004 10:43:02 AM
- Sorry Tinkerb... I donīt speak Quechua. One of my friends did a report about it in college. I helped him with it, and it was very interesting to learn about. Of course, I donīt remember too much now. I received a Minor in the Spanish language from univesity. I learned the Castillian spanish, but I grew up in Miami, Florida and lived with many cubans and puertoricans. I learned spanish at an early age, around 10-11 years old.
FrejaSunday 13th of March 2005 08:56:47 PM
- It would be great with some Amerindian languages!
I would like Ojibwe and Algonquin, since I know some Ojibwe and maybe could post some lessons and a little Algonquin.

Minawaanigozin gikinoo'amaagoziyan!
zhigulionthevolgaThursday 17th of March 2005 12:12:17 PM
- a few of the languages on my wishlist: inuktitut ("amerindian") and avar (caucasian)