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ALL COUNTRIES - Facts, info, questions on global issues & world affairsAuthorDate
Where y'all FROM? - Tell the world about your hometown!Hayley25th Oct 2004
Latin American Spanish - the CultureSuymez30th Nov 2004
Inventions! - Are there any items that only exist..Psyche17th Apr 2005
What do you call your country? - Native names of countriesHayley20th Apr 2005
what country...? - neil12327th Apr 2005
Europe - travel options in europenatasha_d10th May 2005
Things from home - what you miss the mostkea11th May 2005
Interesting news - around the worldbenny21st May 2005
Songs with places in them - Name a song here with a country or city name in itJoe1st Jun 2005
ABOUT YOUR COUNTRY - tell us a little something about your country, just the positive side of it-illchan-21st Jun 2005
Your absolute idol - Who is it?Leto_Atreides13th Jul 2005
Flags.......!!! - the symbol of....... !!snotra15th Jul 2005
countries of the world!! - what country or countries do you want to visit?lisa_marie21st Jul 2005
Favourite Holidays - Your Favourite celebrations in your countrydmitovs27th Jul 2005
Best Flag Design - Which country's flag has the best design?ScottM24th Aug 2005
Your home country - What country are you from?ScottM24th Aug 2005
What places to visit in Turkey and Germany? - Going to Istanbul, Adana and Mersin, after Germanyjiffypop12th Sep 2005
Where's Europe? - Where's Europe?Ulven26th Oct 2005
Playful enemies - joziboy1st Nov 2005
Exotic - What's exotic where you come from?joziboy19th Nov 2005
East or west??? - Are phrasebase administrators informed about Geography???el_tigre5th Dec 2005
PhraseBase Frappr!! - What on Earth is Frappr?!?!?Joe28th Dec 2005
American Family Life - Loved and Loathed by those from other countriesjeff5th Apr 2006
Share place you\'re living! - Give us possibility to look at place you\'re living with your eyesdmitovs23rd Apr 2006
Language education - squeak27th May 2006
Exchanges... Visits... - Emma1013rd Sep 2007
Australia Day - 26/1mayor26th Jan 2008
Cultural - kayla23rd Aug 2009
Spanish or Romanian, I need advice - Djole8th Sep 2009
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