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ALL LANGUAGES - Facts, info, questions on foreign languages in general.AuthorDate
Same Words Different Meanings - between various languagesjeff13th Aug 2004
I love you - How to write it in most languages?fleur_flower2nd Sep 2004
Longest Words - Which are the longest words in your language?Maryam28th Oct 2004
Quotes of the Day - Native language and English translationsAnya29th Nov 2004
Names for God - Different names for Godsadat7th Dec 2004
Tongue Twisters - JNathanG6th Jan 2005
Do you speak my language? - Translation neededAnya9th Jan 2005
How do you say "YES" and "NO" in your language? - YES and NOGoran11th Jan 2005
Days of the week - Days of the week in different languagesGoran12th Jan 2005
Greetings in other languages - Greetings in other languagesGoran17th Jan 2005
Fall in Love - benny26th Jan 2005
Ding dong! Oink oink! - How does the world imitate 'sounds' in language?Ulven28th Feb 2005
How to say Happy Birthday in your language? - Kamilos_4th Mar 2005
etc. - in many languagebenny12th Mar 2005
What's your name? <== in different languages - Kamilos_22nd Mar 2005
how to say ''i speak *'' in different languages - beaver8th Apr 2005
Can you translate GOD and PEACE - in your language?hami10th Apr 2005
"Cheer up" - Comment dire cette phrase...La_Pluie16th Apr 2005
How do you say - SUNSHINEhumbug17th Apr 2005
talk about angels - how do you say 'angel' in you langaugeAnonymous22nd Apr 2005
Words for boy/man - Mathieu3rd May 2005
What's in a name? - Rose...jvz8a12th May 2005
Verb TO BE - Present Tense of the Verb TO BE in your languageGoran16th May 2005
Slavic Languages - A comparative analysis between Slavic LanguagesGoran16th May 2005
Let's do something creative! - how do you say this in your language?Marta27th May 2005
twin cities - Janis122nd Jun 2005
THESE WORDS IN YOUR LANGUAGE - what are this words in your language...-illchan-28th Jun 2005
Sounds Same...............! - means diffrent.......!!!snotra1st Jul 2005
Litterature in Your Language - Titles of good books to readCaramelicious16th Aug 2005
Alphabet - What does your language's alphabet look like?ScottM26th Aug 2005
How to say "Where are you from" - in your languagesDolores16th Sep 2005
How can I say BE MY FRIEND in your language? - sweetytina18th Sep 2005
Do any of you dream in your second language? - Mike_Jahncke19th Sep 2005
How to say "rain"in your language - kisha21st Sep 2005
Spanish, Italian or other language SOS - translatingInvisibleman29th Sep 2005
Most beatiful word in your language - What 's the most beatiful word in your language and why?Axnot25th Oct 2005
can someone translate into english please - deborahmac6726th Oct 2005
what do you think is the hardest language??? - karenlee27th Oct 2005
Foreign video games... - JNathanG8th Nov 2005
What's the funniest slang or idiom in yr language??? - karenlee8th Nov 2005
How do you say Merry Christmas in yr language? - karenlee11th Nov 2005
"foreign languages" in many languages - Ana_Drobot25th Nov 2005
"rainbow" in many languages - Ana_Drobot25th Nov 2005
How do you say "honey" in your language? - jinyi26th Nov 2005
IM Speak Article - A brief article on IM and Chatroom \\Joe5th Dec 2005
Forgive - How do you say in your language? - How do you say forgive in your language?usagypsychic5th Dec 2005
arabic word I think - definitionari_gyrl15th Dec 2005
"Well,..." in all languages - Words of meaninglessness that begin sentencesUlven22nd Dec 2005
How do you say "Hello,How are you?" in your language? - Frej25th Dec 2005
Looking to Study Languages - Especially Indo-European Celtic and Germanic Groupsidyllicmelody27th Dec 2005
New Year's Wishes - Joe1st Jan 2006
Arabic vs Chinese - aantiix5th Jan 2006
which languages need mutiple negatives? - detbarn9th Jan 2006
A site for swear words in lots of languages - not for fainthearted peopleleobloom19th Jan 2006
well-known epithets for places - sandman23rd Jan 2006
how to learn a language - Ana_Drobot23rd Jan 2006
Swedish, Danish and Norwegian - DifferencesGoran25th Jan 2006
Maybe you're this one? - Ania25th Jan 2006
Coolslang - if you think this means learning a languageleobloom29th Jan 2006
John in many languages - how do you call men, who's name's English version is JohnAgnese1st Feb 2006
Lyrics - What language is this?Laniths_Advocate3rd Feb 2006
help me to translate this - Ana_Drobot3rd Feb 2006
Movies... - baretummyx34th Feb 2006
Romance languages reference doc - great doc I've just found=o)leobloom5th Feb 2006
The voice is boundless - EvanescenceChibi6th Feb 2006
What language do you think in? - For you who speak two or more languagesGoran6th Feb 2006
Sanskrit - How to translate a certain word...estefaniax22nd Feb 2006
cornish - trying to findice_block25th Feb 2006
my poem - need some pronunciation help.....ice_block28th Feb 2006
how do you say - curious..curious..nao883rd Mar 2006
How do you say "chocolate?" - Translate this tasty treat into your languageScottM6th Mar 2006
Ulster Scots reading and audio material - Can you understand Scots speaking Ulster people?Visitor7th Mar 2006
Sport: encouraging noise - what do you shout,watching sport and supporting your's?Agnese7th Mar 2006
What language is it? - "Now we are free" lyricsCarla7th Mar 2006
Hmmm, Wich to Choose? - Italian, German, French, Spanish, Greek, or Latin?ChilleE11th Mar 2006
Foreign languages in your country - How great polyglots you are?el_tigre7th Apr 2006
Hebrew - English for Hebrewsilvia2224th Apr 2006
Chinese and Japanese - in your opinion, which have you found easier to learn?xoxoerica29th Apr 2006
Switching languages - Laydee7th May 2006
hello - important hindidilganesh0411th May 2006
HE SAID I CANNOT FIND IT!!! PLEASE HELP ME WIN THIS BET!!! - ladysmyrna11th May 2006
Strange question - -need help! - jojo250419th May 2006
please help me settle argument!! - zell20th May 2006
What in your opinion is the most musical language ? - You gotta say the password be4 enterin the fort lolmakt200023rd May 2006
Sayings and proverbs - In different languages...?squeak26th May 2006
Meaning of names - squeak26th May 2006
responding to negative questions in different languages? - Do you use \"yes\" or \"no\"?detbarn3rd Jun 2006
all and any languages needed - esp. polish, urdu, punjabi or bengali!tsahyalakum7th Jun 2006
Question - I want to know ...xkorpion10th Jun 2006
Learning Languages - Would you like to learn/teach multiple languages?Tiger16th Jun 2006
What is this called? - How many languages can we get this word in?Tiger22nd Jun 2006
*Hugs* in all languages - Ania24th Jun 2006
Does this cause you many problems? - squeak26th Jun 2006
How Do You Choose a Language to Study? - Anonymous29th Jun 2006
How do you say, \"God loves you\" in your language? - ScottM7th Jul 2006
Equivalent for OK? - how you do you say \\Agnese19th Jul 2006
Language Origins - Study hints language skills came early in primatesjeff25th Jul 2006
\"\'Rainbow\' in many languages\" part 2 - Axnot29th Jul 2006
Learn a parents language...? - squeak29th Jul 2006
Identify This Language - from audio clipstickbugg2nd Aug 2006
Ambitions Thread - List the langauges you want to learn.Tiger21st Aug 2006
Microsoft Recognizes the Inca - Microsoft now has Quechua softwareJoe29th Aug 2006
English to your language - All languages welcome! Everyone can helpmikethemanwhocan31st Aug 2006
Thank you! - How do you thank some one in your language?Danial1st Sep 2006
Anthony in many languages - el_tigre5th Sep 2006
Child in 100 Languages - Looking for the translation of the word child in 100 languagessleepless15th Sep 2006
Your Enhanced Phrasebase Profile - Goran16th Sep 2006
My dog: - What\'s that in your langauge?Tiger19th Sep 2006
a mystery - can you solve it?tsahyalakum21st Sep 2006
The Swadesh List Test - Test your vocabulary!Danial24th Sep 2006
Welcome to Phrasebase! - Danial27th Sep 2006
Errors in your Language that Bother You - What are some commonly heard errors in your language?Joe29th Sep 2006
All languages - learning more than one languagekoonh630th Sep 2006
I don\'t know - many languagesutomjording3rd Oct 2006
Vocabulary - Our common problemDanial14th Oct 2006
Proficiency Tests - EvanescenceChibi1st Nov 2006
We Are One - In all languages ;)Aleco18th Nov 2006
Cyrillic transliteration? - el_tigre23rd Nov 2006
False friends - Post the weirdest and funniest ones heredackel24th Nov 2006
\"Thanks\" and \"Not at all\" in all languages! - Mariam876th Dec 2006
What do you think is the easiest language to learn? - Part 2 to karenlee\'s threadDanial21st Dec 2006
languages without \'r\' - bucasu24th Dec 2006
\'Language\' in all languages :D - Danial28th Dec 2006
how do YOU learn? - Share some ways you learn your language. Flash cards, watching foreign TV, writing words over and over...etc.Visitor31st Dec 2006
raccoon in many languages - barbchy8th Jan 2007
Your favourite language - Ivan1614th Jan 2007
CoLoR of the Rainbow - It\'s interesting how your language describe itbenny20th Jan 2007
A new Flickr group created for small, minority, regional and construct languages - Come and visit, join and share your pictures!! :-)Anonymous22nd Jan 2007
How is it...? - DonaFlor26th Jan 2007
easiest language? - for an english speakerVisitor29th Jan 2007
Compliments and pickup lines - Just for fun, and the int\'l travelermikethemanwhocan3rd Feb 2007
Aluta continua, victoria ascerta (struggle continues, victory is certain)! - deepinlife5th Feb 2007
Pronouns of all languages - What are all the pronouns of all languages?Danial10th Feb 2007
Guess the Language! :-) - Guess the Language! :-)Anonymous12th Feb 2007
Where do you want to go? - Some translations needed.Vania12th Feb 2007
What language is this song? - Take a listenNawe14th Feb 2007
Guess the language (TEXT) - Ivan1623rd Feb 2007
What language is more useful? - hlk469623rd Feb 2007
languages college - rubytuesday52026th Feb 2007
not losing a language - mewtwo27th Feb 2007
Long tongue-twisters - Mecikoch28th Feb 2007
Language News - Post news on the languages or language related news affecting you!Danial9th Mar 2007
Avril Lavigne singing in eight languages! - Danial24th Mar 2007
I am looking for irish speakers - emmac29th Mar 2007
Sound Alikes - Similar words, different meanings game.Anya2nd Apr 2007
egyptian or arabic? - difference?reachingout2others2nd Apr 2007
The 10th Monthly Phrasebase Academy Awards - Yes, you can help out!Danial2nd Apr 2007
Fun Names - What aresome interesting names in your language?reachingout2others3rd Apr 2007
Translation -> Always in the station where the train doesn\'t stop - Lokillo8th Apr 2007
Punhã - BCS15th Apr 2007
Animal Liberation - how to say it in your language?Almadorcia18th Apr 2007
Which language? - BCS29th Apr 2007
Looking for somebody who can help me learn Turkish. - KIJO3rd May 2007
Hello in all languages - BCS6th May 2007
Just one word - Just trying to pass mathrobinacern10th May 2007
can anyone help me translate this (singaporean/malay) into english? - gel20th May 2007
Nice to meet you - in all languageskrake21st May 2007
Languages build bridges - Translation into as many languages as possible, pleasemabajsas22nd May 2007
translation - delo26th May 2007
Panlingual Dictionary - Translate the 250 most common words in the English Language, into your language!BCS29th May 2007
About weather tricks - How to express your feelings of the weather tricks in your area in your own languageMAGNOLIA530th May 2007
what language is this? - Ana_Drobot6th Jun 2007
What language - BCS7th Jun 2007
equivalents for German phrases related to time - in many many other languages, pleaseAna_Drobot7th Jun 2007
\"Global Warming\" in all languages - How do you say it in your language?MAGNOLIA59th Jun 2007
Using song - Has anyone used recording artists to learn a language?stonecarver12th Jun 2007
Eng/hungarian - Hope i post this in the right thread.Alexxander26th Jun 2007
How did you choose a foreign language to learn? - why did you choose THIS language than an otherElisaJane10th Aug 2007
OK - OK? and OK!, OK, that\'s the questionBranco11th Sep 2007
Six in many languages - el_tigre8th Oct 2007
General Lessons - Do they have them here?chillee5th Nov 2007
\"Lessons Discussion\" - Would it be a good idea?chillee5th Nov 2007
How do you say this conversation in your language? - Hi, how are you?. Fine, and you? Fine, thanks...WickedArg7th Nov 2007
\"God\" in all languages - benny19th Nov 2007
Christmas is so - In your lingomayor24th Dec 2007
Multilingual songs - djr3327th Dec 2007
Which language is this phrase? - apne bap ke bund mare harame...djr333rd Jan 2008
Strategies for multiple simultaneous languages - If you're crazy enough to do more than one, how do you keep them organized in your mind?djr3311th Jan 2008
What do you think the fastest spoken language - in normal conversation...renai22nd Mar 2008
TPBM in all Slavic languages - Osoba ispod mene na svim slavenskim jezicimael_tigre27th Mar 2008
Hungarian Colloquialisms - butterfly_276842nd Apr 2008
Should we speak multilanguage to our toddler? - help for multilanguage parentrenai6th Apr 2008
what is your favorite love word or love phrase in your language? - guiglo124th Apr 2008
WELCOME in many languages! - Have some others please???Bregolas26th Apr 2008
Books for learning languages - What are the best in your opinion?Avaldi1st May 2008
Learning two languages simultaneously would be a help or a hindrance? - aishia2228th May 2008
How do you say Yellow iris? - tsahyalakum2nd Jun 2008
2 langauges at the same time - BesoAman19th Jun 2008
What language is "pobarvanke"?? - I need to know what language these words are from.tokyothai29th Jun 2008
Learning Myanmese - dpntjason19th Jul 2008
Lojban? - why don't we have it here?Chillee12th Sep 2008
making a language - just a quick questionChillee17th Sep 2008
Can Anyone Teach There Language?? - Can you teach some words / sentences in your language?Kiwi_mel4th Oct 2008
Foreign Exchange Student Questions - Just two quick questions on becoming a foreign exchange studentChillee14th Dec 2008
Infinitive Phrases - Homework questionRhinostampeders24th Feb 2009
The Sun, The Moon- genders? - Agnese19th Apr 2009
Chinese Language - to learn Chinese langugaepha0910th Jun 2009
phrase - portuguese to englishBianca21st Aug 2009
I can\'t hear it! - I can\'t hear it!beepeedeep22nd Aug 2009
"Working like a dog/beaver/horse" in your language - duopixel24th Oct 2009
How do you say this in your language? - Bunny25th Oct 2009
French - Bunny26th Oct 2009
Learn Arabic Languages online with a private teacher - Egyptlearn_arabic4th Nov 2009
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