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Monday 17th of January 2005 08:46:44 AM
Greetings in other languages: I need your help in translating:

I work in a hotel and I have clients from different countries, so I would like to learn next words/phrases in different languages that are represented here at PhraseBase. Thanks! :)

Hello/good morning/good afternoon/good night
Good bye
Thanks/You are welcome

Monday 17th of January 2005 09:12:34 AM
I'm not sure how often you will encounter Irish Gaelic speakers, but here is how you say them in Irish :P This is with American-English Phonetics.

Hello = Dia duit /dee-ah gwitch/
Good morning = Maidin mhaith /mah-dyin wuh/
Good night = Oche mhaith /ee-hyeh wuh/
Welcome! = Filte! /fawl-cheh/
A hundred thousand welcomes! (More emphasis) = Cad mle filte romhat! /kyade meel fawl-cheh row-ut/
Good bye = Sln /slawn/
Thanks = Go raibh maith agat /guh raw muh huh-gut/
Youre welcome = Go ndana a mhaith duit /guh nyay-nee uh wuh gwitch/

Sin ! Thats it! I'd be surprised to hear if you had to use any of these. There aren't many irish speakers except in ire (Ireland)

Monday 17th of January 2005 12:26:59 PM
Dutch: In dutch:

Hello: Hallo
Good morning:Goedemorgen
Good afternoon:Goedemiddag
Good evening:Goedenavond
Goodbye:dag /tot ziens/ doei
Thank you:dank u wel/ dank u
You are welcome: Geen dank

How was the trip?: Hoe was de reis?
How long will you stay? : Hoe lang blijft u?
I would like a room: Ik wil graag een kamer
for one night: Voor een nachtje
for a week: Voor een week
for a few days: voor een paar dagen.
How much will that be? : Hoe veel kost dat?
That will cost: Dat kost .....
I am sorry we're full: Het spijt me, wij zijn vol.

Monday 17th of January 2005 01:03:42 PM
German: In German:

Hello: Hallo /Guten tag/ Gr Gott
Good morning: Guten morgen
Good afternoon: Guten tag
Good evening:Guten abend
Goodbye:Auf Wiedersehen/ Tschss
Thank you: Danke


The key is at reception: Der Schlssel ist an der Rezeption
I'm sorry we're full: Es tut mir Leid, wir haben keine Zimmer frei.
For how many nights? Fr wie viele Nchte?

Monday 17th of January 2005 01:43:09 PM
Lithuanian: Hello: Sveiki! [sweiki'](formal)/ Labas [la'bas](informal)
Good morning: Labas rytas [la'bas ree'tas]
Good afternoon: Laba diena [laba' diena']
Good evening: Labas vakaras [la'bas va'karas]
Welcome: Sveiki atvykę!
Goodbye: Viso geriausio.
Have a nice trip: Gero kelio.
Please: praau [prashau']
Thank you: Ačiū [a'tchiu]
You are welcome: Praom [pra'shom]

Monday 17th of January 2005 02:03:07 PM
Estonian: Hello: Tere!
Good morning: Tere hommikust!
Good afternoon: Tere pevast!
Good evening: Tere htust!
Welcome: Tere tulemast!
Goodbye: Head aega!
Have a nice trip: Head reisi!
Please: palun
Thank you: aith
You are welcome: pole tnu vrt

Monday 17th of January 2005 03:31:21 PM
Danish: In Danish:

Hello: Hej/ Goddag
Good morning: Godmorgen
Good afternoon: God Eftermiddag
Good evening: Godnat/ Godaften
Please: Vr venlig
Thank you (very much). Tak skal du have!
You're Welcome:Vrsgo
Excuse me: Undskyld

Do you speak English?: Taler du engelsk?
A little: Lidt
I don't speak Danish: Jeg kan ikke dansk
I don't understand: Det forstr jeg ikke.

Monday 17th of January 2005 03:52:13 PM
Hungarian phrases: Hello= Szia, Hell (I would like to mention here that in Hungarian people are formal to each other, I mean they don't first-name anybody)
good morning= J reggelt
good afternoon=J napot (this means Good day)
good night=J jszakt
good evening=J estt
Welcome=Isten hozta
Good bye=Viszontltsra
You are welcome=Szvesen

Monday 17th of January 2005 04:06:57 PM
Indonesian: in Indonesian, greetings usually started with the word 'selamat'

selamat pagi = morning
selamat siang = noon / evening (after 12 pm)
selamat sore = evening (usually after 3 or 4 pm)
selamat malam = evening / night (after 6 pm)
selamat datang = welcome
selamat tinggal / selamat jalan = good bye
terima kasih = thank you
sama-sama / terima kasih kembali = my pleasure / you're welcome

Monday 17th of January 2005 05:41:05 PM

hello: здраво
good morning: добро јутро
good afternoon: добар дан
good evening: добро вече
good night: лаку ноћ
welcome: добродошли
goodbye: довиђења
have a nice trip: срећан пут
please: мoлим
thank you: хвала
youre welcome: нема на чему

Monday 17th of January 2005 06:34:57 PM
Thank you very much!!!

Monday 17th of January 2005 10:31:56 PM
Finnish: Hello - Terve
Hi - Hei/Moi
Good morning - Hyv huomenta
Good day - Hyv piv
Good afternoon - Hyv iltapiv
Good evening - Hyv iltaa
Good night - Hyv yt
Welcome - Tervetuloa
Goodbye - Nkemiin
Please - Olkaa hyv
Thank you - Kiitos
You're welcome - Ole hyv/ei kest
Excuse me - Anteeksi
Pleased to meet you - Hauska tutustua

Monday 17th of January 2005 10:53:47 PM
Swedish: Hello: Hej/Hall
Good morning: God morgon
Good afternoon: God eftermiddag
Good night (as a greeting): God kvll
Welcome: Vlkommen
Good bye: Hej d
Thanks: Tack
You are welcome: Varsgod

Monday 17th of January 2005 10:56:40 PM

Hello = Hola

Good morning = Buenos das

Good afternoon = Buenas tardes

Good night = Buenas noches

Welcome = Bienvenidos

Good bye = Adis

Thanks = Gracias

You are welcome = De nada

Tuesday 18th of January 2005 03:14:40 AM
Greetings in Russian: Greetings in Russian :D :

Hi: Привет or Здравствуй
(for friend (the same age) but not for older )
Hello: Здравствуйте
good morning: Доброе утро
good evening: Добрый вечер
good night: Спокойной ночи
Good bye: До свидания or До встречи
good day: Добрый день
welcome: Приветствую вас
Good bye: До свидания or До встречи

please: пожалуйста
thank you: Спасибо
youre welcome: Пожалуйста

Tuesday 18th of January 2005 04:14:45 AM
Hi Nikii, that was not what I was asking for, but anyway thanks for replying :)

Sunday 10th of April 2005 03:46:53 PM
in Filipino (tagalog):

Good morning ~~ magandang umaga

Good noon ~~ magandang tanghali

Good afternoon ~~ magandang hapon

Good night ~~ magandang gabi

Good bye ~~ paalam

Thanks ~~ salamat

You are welcome ~~ walang anuman

Please ~~ paki

Excuse me ~~ mawalang galang *na po*

Pleased to meet you ~~ ikinagagalak kong makilala ka

Thursday 14th of April 2005 07:09:29 AM
in thai: Hello: Sawasdee
Good morning:Arunsawas
Good afternoon:Sawasdee
Good evening:Sawasdee
Please: Daiprode / Karuna
Thank you:Khobkhun
You are welcome: Yindee
How was the trip?: Pai Tiew Pen Yangrai Bang?
How long will you stay? : Ja Yoo nan kae nai?
I would like a room: Shan tongkan hong.
for one night: nueng kuen
for a week: nueng subda
for a few days: song sam wan
How much will that be? : Tao Rai?
That will cost: Khid pen .....
I am sorry we're full: Khoethod Tem laew.

Thursday 14th of April 2005 09:43:20 AM
um in Malaysia i.e. Malay, the greetings would be the same as in indonesia, so check out bennylim's post, except we say 'Selamat petang' for good evening and 'Selamat tengahari' for noon :)

Thursday 14th of April 2005 06:52:12 PM
In Turkish: Hello: Merhaba
Good morning: Gnaydın
Good afternoon: Tnaydın
Good night: Iyi geceler
Welcome: Hoşgeldiniz
Good bye:Gle Gle
Thanks: Teşekkrler or sağol
You are welcome: Bir şey değil

Friday 15th of April 2005 04:15:53 AM

Hello: OI
Good morning: :BOM DIA
Good evening: BOA TARDE
Good night: BOA NOITE
Welcome: BEM VINDO
Goodbye: TCHAU
You are welcome: DE NADA

How was the trip?: COMO FOI A VIAGEM?
How long will you stay? : QUANTO TEMPO
I would like a room: EU QUERO UM QUARTO
for one night: POR UMA NOITE
for a week: POR UMA SEMANA
for a few days: POR UNS DIAS
How much will that be? : QUANTO ISSO CUSTAR
That will cost: ISSO CUSTAR
I am sorry we're full: ME DESCULPE ESTAMOS LOTADOS

Saturday 16th of April 2005 10:02:27 PM
italiano: hello: ciao
good day: buon giorno
good morning: buona mattina
good afternoon: buon pomeriggio
good evening: buona sera
good night: buona notte
You're wlecome: Preggo.
please: per favore
thanks: grazie
Excuse me: Mi scusi.
How are you?: Come va/Come stai
What's your name?: Come si chiama?
Pleased to meet you: Piacere.
Mi chiamo...: My name is...
This is my family: Questa mia famiglia.
tomorrow: domani
today: oggi
yesterday: ieri
Yours sincerely(for a letter): distinti saluti

Sunday 17th of April 2005 07:29:02 PM

dobar den - good day/afternoon
zdrasti - hi/hello
kak si - how are you?
dobre sam blagodaria - i'm fine thank you

Tuesday 19th of April 2005 03:51:56 AM
Romanian: Hello: Buna (Boo Na)
Goodbye: La Revedere (Laa Rev Er Der Eh)
Thank You: Multumesc/Mersi (Mault oo Mesk/Mer Sea)

Thursday 05th of May 2005 10:14:00 AM
Uzbek: Hello - Assalomu alaykum,salom
Good morning -Assalomu alaykum,salom
Welcome - xush kelibsiz
Goodbye -xayr
please - iltimos,marhamat
Thank you - rahmat
You're welcome -marhamat
Excuse me - kechirasiz
How are you-yaxshimisiz
What is your name?-Ismingiz nima?

Thursday 12th of May 2005 11:06:04 AM
In Esperanto: Hello! - Saluton!
How are you? - Kiel vi fartas?
Good morning - Bonan matenon.
Good afternoon - Bonan tagon.
Good night - Bonan nokton.
Welcome - Bonvenon.
Goodbye - Adiaŭ.
Thank you - Dankon.
Please - Bonvolu

Saturday 21st of May 2005 03:44:08 AM
Afrikaans: hello- goeiedag
how are you- hoe gaan jy?
good morning- goeiemore
good aftrenoon- goeiemiddag
good night- goeienag
welcome- welkom
good bye- toet siens
thank you- dankie
please- asseblief

Saturday 21st of May 2005 05:05:14 AM
I know you speak Croatian, but anyway


Hello - Bok, zdravo
Good morning - Dobro jutro
Good afternoon - Dobar dan
Good evening - Dobra večer
Good night - Laku noć
Welcome - Dobrodoli
Good bye - Do viđenja, zbogom
Thanks - Hvala
Please - Molim
Pleased to meet you - Drago mi je
You are welcome - Molim, Nema na čemu

Saturday 21st of May 2005 05:10:35 AM

Hello - Hei
Good morning - God morgen
Good afternoon - God dag
Good evening - God kveld
Good night - God natt
Welcome - Velkommen
Good bye - Ha det
Thanks - Takk
Please - Vr s snill
You are welcome - Vrsgod, ingen rsak

Monday 27th of June 2005 03:07:46 AM
Hungarian: hi- szia, hello
good morning- jo reggelt
good afternoon- jo napot
good evening - jo estet
good night- jo ejt, jo ejszakat
bye- szia
goodbye- viszlat, viszont latasra

Nepali: hi, hello - namaste (slang) , namaskar (more respectful)
thank u- dhannybad

Saturday 02nd of July 2005 01:59:05 PM
Latvian: Hello - Sveiki (informal)
Good morning - Labrīt (Labriit)
Good afternoon- Labdien
Good evening - Labvakar
Welcome - Laipni lūdzam (Laipni luudzam)
Good bye - Uz redzeanos (Uz redzeshanos - official)
Thanks - Paldies

Saturday 02nd of July 2005 05:57:47 PM
Polish: good morning - dzień dobry
good evening - dobry wieczr
goodbye - do widzenia
good night - dobranoc
welcome - witaj (singular) witajcie (plural)
hi - cześć
bye - cześć, pa, papa, na razie
thank you - dziękuję
thanks - dzięki
you're welcome - nie ma za co

Monday 25th of July 2005 04:22:53 AM
Swahili: um i think...
Jambo/habari - hello
kwaheri - goodbye
asante - thank-you

Monday 25th of July 2005 05:20:42 AM
In Greek:

Hello - yia sou(inf) Γετά σου... sas (polite)σας
Good morning - kalimera Καλημέρα
Good afternoon/evening - kalispera Καλησπέρα
Good night - kalinichta Kαληνύχτα
Welcome - kalos ilthate Καλώς ήλθατε
Goodbye - cherete andio Χαίρετε Αντίο
Please - parakalo Παρακαλώ
Thank you - efcharisto Ευχαριστώ
You're welcome - parakalo Παρακαλώ
Excuse me! (to attract attention) - parakalo! Παρακαλώ!
Excuse me (apology) - sighnomi Συγγνώμη
Pleased to meet you - chero poli Χαίρω πολύ

Do you speak English? - Milas anglika? (inf) Μιλάς Αγγλικά
-Milate angika (polite) Μλάτε Αγγλικά
yes- ne Ναι
no- ochi Όχι
enjoy your stay - kali dhiamoni Καλή διαμονή
of course/sure - veveos Βεβαίως
how do you Greek? - pos lene...sta elinika? Πώς λένε...στα Ελληνικά?

Evo Gorane, par stvarčica iz mog svakodnevnog, dodue siromanog grčkog. Nadam se da će ti biti od koristi.

P.S. jo uvijek mi problem predstavlja grčki alfabet :)

Thursday 04th of August 2005 11:35:25 PM
In Hebrew: sorry, I don't have hebrew keyboard, but i hope thic an be useful :D
Hello = Shalom

Good morning = Boker tov

Good afternoon = Erev tov

Good night =Laylah tov

Welcome = ???

Good bye= Lehi'trot or Shalom

Thanks = Tod, Tod Raba (polite), Khen-Khen (very polite)

You are welcome = Bevakasha, Al lo davar (polite)

Friday 05th of August 2005 09:27:32 PM
i would like ur help for me to learn punjabi: Originally posted by GoranBcn

I need your help in translating:

I work in a hotel and I have clients from different countries, so I would like to learn next words/phrases in different languages that are represented here at PhraseBase. Thanks! :)

Hello/good morning/good afternoon/good night
Good bye
Thanks/You are welcome

Tuesday 09th of August 2005 07:38:02 AM
Auf Deutsch / In German: I can't use the umlauts or the Scharfiss "S" (looks like a funny "B") but here it goes:

Hello = Hallo/ Gruess Dich/Gott! (used in Bavaria only)
Good Morning = Guten Morgen
" Afternoon = Guten Nachmittag
" Night = Gute Nacht
" Evening = Guten Abend
Goodbye = Auf Wiedersehen/Bis spaeter/ Tschuess
Thanks= Danke (+ schoen or sehr) or Vielen Dank
Your welcome = Bitte* (+schoen or sehr)

Bitte means please in German as well. ;)

Tuesday 16th of August 2005 03:58:50 AM
Hindi: Good morning / Good afternoon / Good evening = नमस्कार(namaskār), नमस्ते (namaste)
How are you ? = आप कैसे हैं ? (āp kaise haiṁ )
Good bye = फिर मिलेंगे (phir mileṁge)
Thanks = बहुत अच्छा (bahut acchhā ), धन्यवाद (dhanyavād) (Last one is very formal)
Your are welcome (Litteral sense) = आपका स्वागत है। (āpkā
svāgat hai.)
Your are welcome ("no thanks")= कोई बात नहीं। (koī bāt nahīṁ.)

Tuesday 16th of August 2005 05:47:23 AM
Arabic: hello - marhaba / ahlan - مرحبا
good morning - sabah ol kayr - صباح الخير
good afternoon - naharkoom saeed - نهارك سعيد
good evening - masaa ol kayr - مساء الخير
good night - layla saeeda - ليلة سعيدة
how are you? - kayfa halook - كيف حالك؟
good bye - salam - سلام
thanks - shokran - شكرا
you are welcome - afwan - عفون
please - arjook/ law samaht - ارجوك

Monday 29th of August 2005 08:37:13 PM
Chinese(simplified): Hello喂/你好(wei/nihao)
good morning早上好(zao shang hao)
good afternoon中午好(zhong wu hao)
good night晚安(wan an)
Welcome欢迎(huan ying)
Good bye再见(zai jian)
Thanks谢谢(xie xie)
You are welcome不客气/不用谢(bu ke qi/bu yong xie)

Tuesday 30th of August 2005 11:47:33 AM

good morning: shuprobhaat
good night: shubho ratri
welcome: shuswagotam
goodbye: shubho bidaay
thanx: dhanyabad

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