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Friday 26th of May 2006 09:23:26 PM
Meaning of names: What do different names mean in different languages?

Danielle = God is my Judge/God has judged
Carys = (Welsh) to love
John = God is gracious

Sunday 28th of May 2006 01:01:30 AM
Duygu (my name): emotion in Turkish.

Sunday 28th of May 2006 01:50:57 AM
That's because she is very emotional girl!
Every time I call her "pita", she just freaks out :p
Is that right, pita? :)

Sunday 28th of May 2006 01:57:50 AM
GRrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! That's cos I'm curious to know what it means My Lord :p

(That's the meaning of his name by the way!)

Sunday 28th of May 2006 02:00:46 AM
Yes, that's right!
My name is Eli which means in Hebrew - My Lord. :)
Thanks pita!
P.S: you still have 12 days..........:)

Sunday 28th of May 2006 07:29:34 AM
Lekker, My Lord, why are you being so mean to her? Tell her which language it is.

Sunday 28th of May 2006 03:21:27 PM
Actually, I've just thought, this is about the "meaning of names". So you shouldn't really call her somehting here if you're not going to explain nice!


Wednesday 31st of May 2006 03:22:30 AM
Don't worry!
I'll tell her on Friday, June the 9th. :)
I promise to be nice from now!

Wednesday 31st of May 2006 07:50:29 AM
But that still isn't very fair, you've put that on here much before 9th June!

Wednesday 31st of May 2006 08:18:49 PM
Dushica: my name,in Serbian it means a little soul.

Thursday 01st of June 2006 03:22:18 PM
Thanks Daniel :D

Thursday 01st of June 2006 06:14:44 PM
You're welcome, Duygu.

Wish it has helped :(


Friday 02nd of June 2006 09:57:31 PM
My name is Theresa, which I have traced back to ancient Greece, meaning 'summer' or 'to harvest' or 'reaper'.

Tuesday 13th of June 2006 04:00:22 PM
My Name: My Name's Pratama <<< Last

That's mean the First!

In Indonesian we like to give that's name as an Honor to our First Kid...


Ry Pratama

Wednesday 19th of July 2006 09:08:58 PM
My name is Barbara. It comes from ancient Greece and it means foreign woman.

Thursday 20th of July 2006 04:45:10 AM
my first name is Petra
Petra is the female form of Peter, Peter is derived from the greek/latin Petrus, meaning "rock"

Friday 21st of July 2006 11:42:11 PM
Nicki (female) or Nick (male) means `person who isn’t able to think of a creative nickname’ :p

Saturday 22nd of July 2006 05:14:53 AM
and I thought Nicki is short for Nicola...

Saturday 22nd of July 2006 04:57:04 PM
my name is Alina and if you change the accent it means to calm down or to solace :)

Monday 24th of July 2006 02:47:23 AM
Mi name is Gaizka, and in basque it means, savior.

Thursday 27th of July 2006 08:18:50 AM
does that name mean anything to you guys? I've tried finding out, but the only thing I could find was that it's common in some islamic African countries... And tha Goethe mentioned it in one of his texts...

Thursday 27th of July 2006 03:12:44 PM
People we've had this thread before, use the search function, argh :p

Hmm Soleika looks like French "Soleil" (=sun) (which is also a name) with a Russian diminutive suffix :)

Apparently I am Gift of Yahwe Famous Warrior Clog.. hmm :p

Monday 11th of September 2006 02:34:47 AM
my name is somdev. that means "the god of moon" in Indian fairy tales

Monday 11th of September 2006 07:01:44 PM
My name is Nena, which is the short for Parthena, which in Greek means, erm... ahem ahem.... Virgin ;)

Wednesday 13th of September 2006 02:49:54 AM
My name is Vicki, which is short for Victoria, which comes from the Latin for victory.

Wednesday 13th of September 2006 11:18:15 AM
my nickname is PaoPao which is short for Paula meaning small. kappft. :P

Thursday 14th of September 2006 03:18:04 AM
Eric is my name :D It's "Scandinavian", and it means "king" or "powerful"

Interestingly enough, my middle name, Anthony, is Greek and means "worthy of praise"

How apropos!

Thursday 14th of September 2006 04:03:34 AM
Originally posted by nena77

My name is Nena, which is the short for Parthena, which in Greek means, erm... ahem ahem.... Virgin ;)

Geia sou Nena!

To onoma sou m'aresei! Einai ormofo!

Friday 15th of September 2006 02:25:32 PM
To onoma sou m'aresei! Einai ormofo!

Ααχ, my dearest squeak, φαντάσου να είσαι 14 ετών και να έχεις αυτό το όνομα... Imagine being 14 years old and having this name...
Disaster in highschool... :(

Friday 15th of September 2006 06:55:49 PM
Ah...hadn't thought about that! :(

Thursday 21st of September 2006 04:35:40 AM
May I be awkward now, and instead of translating a name, ask you for it's translation...


What language is this? Where does it come from? Any one know what it means? I believe it is a girls name.

As for my name, Tsahyalakum, it means the one who dances, spinning in the wind.

Sunday 24th of September 2006 01:32:34 AM
Some names often heard in Serbian:

Biljana - "herb"
Bojana - battle
Dragana - dear, belowed
Dobrila - humble
Danica - the morning star
Dušanka - a woman with a soul
Đurđina - the lily of the valley
Gordana - a proud one
Gorica - little forest
Hristina - the follower of Christ
Jovana - God is gracious
Jadranka - woman from the Adriatic
Jasna - bright and clear one
Ljiljana - lily
Ljubica - belowed one, or the one who kisses
Milica - the one who suffers
Milena - precious one
Miljana - charming
Nada - hope
Nevena - marigold
Radmila, Rada - happy and dear
Ružica - rose
Sanja - dreamer
Slavica - glory
Snežana - snow woman
Svetlana - the woman of light
Suzana - the woman who cries
Tijana - peace
Vedrana - jolly
Vera - faith
Vesna - spring
Zorana - woman of the dawn
Zvezdana - woman of the stars
Željka, Željana - woman of many wishes

Some male names:
Bojan - battle
Boris - fighter
Bogoljub - the one who loves God
Bratislav - brother of glory
Branimir - defender of peace
Čedomir - as precious as a child
Dragan - dear, beloved
Dobrilo - humble man
Goran - mountain man
Krsto - the man of the cross
Ljubomir, Ljubivoje - the one who loves peace
Miljan, Milan - charming
Nebojša - fearless
Nemanja - poor
Nenad - unexpected
Predrag - precious
Radivoje - an eager one
Slavoljub - glorious
Slobodan - freedom
Vuk, Vukašin - wolf
Zoran - a man of the dawn
Živko - full of life

those are just some names that came to my mind now...i might add some more later.

My name is Dolores. It's latin in origin and it's derived from the title of the Vergin Mary...means sorrows, sufferings..but...I'm a very lively and positive person...i promise ;)

Wednesday 27th of September 2006 03:11:13 AM
My name is Alessandro and it comes from the Ancient Greek Aléxandros. It means "He who protects his men (soldiers) in battle". In fact Aléxandros comes from:
the verb "alexein" to defeat + the noun "anér, andros" man.

Tuesday 03rd of October 2006 01:18:58 AM
my name is Melek , it means Angel

Tuesday 03rd of October 2006 03:08:17 AM
My name is Kelsey. There is a bit of descrepancy as to what it means though :p Some websites say it's Scandanavian for beautiful island, others say it's Old English for Victorious Ship and still others say Celtic/Gaelic for Island of the Ships. Funnily enough, I hate boats, sand and the ocean :D

Tuesday 03rd of October 2006 09:38:47 AM
My name is spelt uniquely, so I guess I get to make up its meaning, since there's no meaning for it when KT is spelt K-A-I-T-Y. lolI'm lucky! Besides, Katy or Katie means pure and innocent. pfft! ya, right! Well...I'm not exactly evil, but I'm not pure and I'm not innocent.
Or I'll use both my first and last name that I'll eventually change to when I'm like 18:
Alfonsa-Ready, or battle ready.
They're GermanFUN!!! ever heard Brianne? That's me middle name. It's not pronounced like BriannaIt's pronounced Bree-anne, ya know?
Brianne-High, noble.
lots of fun with my names!

Wednesday 06th of December 2006 10:30:31 PM
names: My name is Bartek, and it doesnt mean anything

Thursday 07th of December 2006 02:08:15 PM
Mariam/Mary/Maria: Mariam is the Arabic name for Mary in English. It's taken from Aramaic and it means "The Worshipper!" ;)... This is not 100% ironic. lol

- Mariam

Thursday 21st of December 2006 12:50:05 AM
Shadad is an Hebrew name. I think it means "to overpower" or "to destroy" or might have several meanings. If there is any Hebrew speaker, please let me know.

Wednesday 27th of December 2006 05:35:10 AM
My name is Anna and I don't know what it means (if anything) but it is derived from "Hannah" [Latin].

Saturday 30th of December 2006 05:01:59 PM
My name is Barbara and it means stranger (from Greek language)

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