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Thursday 27th of December 2007 01:04:36 PM
Multilingual songs: I think one of the best ways to learn and experience a new language is through music. I'm not really a music person in general, but for learning a language, not much beats it.

I'm trying to pick up (too many) several languages right now, and I'd love to compare songs between them, or between English and the target language as well.

So, can everyone please just share any artists or songs you know of that have versions in various languages.

Personally, the only examples I can think of:

Nek: An Italian singer who also is fluent in Spanish. He does both, and also has at least a one song (which I have not heard) in English.
Italian and Spanish are similar, so this is a nice comparison. Many of his songs are available in both languages. (And Laura No Esta/Laura non C'è is also in English, though I forget the translated title, perhaps "Laura's not here".)

Shakira: Well, I don't like her music in English, but it's pretty good for Spanish. She's also fluent in Arabic, but doesn't seem to sing anything in that. Disappointing.

Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend" in 8 languages: Found this through a thread here. I think it's awesome. But the pronunciation was not very accurate. I think it's great that she tried, though, and wish more people would do the same.
This is, in fact, exactly what I'd like to see.
Anyone know other artists who have tried many languages?

Elvis in Latin: Through my professor for Latin, I heard that there is someone in Finland (I think) who has translated and performed some of Elvis's songs in Latin. Haven't had the chance to hear that yet, though.

Friday 28th of December 2007 09:08:16 PM
theres a german band called tokio hotel.

their first songs original language is german but it was very successful outside of germany, so they made an english version.

Saturday 29th of December 2007 02:29:11 PM
Hey, Dennis. Thanks.

I was hoping for more than just single songs, especially groups who do multilingual songs often, but that's certainly a good example.
I don't mind at all that it's just one song, but if there are groups it could let me explore on my own rather than needing to have you (or others) post each link.

But, good song... keep 'em coming :)

Saturday 29th of December 2007 10:15:12 PM
Gosia Andrzejewicz - Ciacho(Polish/Spanish)
Gosia Andrzejewicz - Latino(Spanish/English)
Shakira - Ojos Asi(Spanish/Arabic)

There is also a Polish version of Avril Lavigne, 'I'm with you' called 'Tam Gdzie Ty'

Friday 25th of January 2008 09:26:40 PM
Hijo de la Luna by Mecano (Spanish)

and the French version (I don't know if it's also sung by the same singer):

Sunday 10th of February 2008 06:39:35 PM
Multilingual songs: I love Josh Groban. He sings songs in Italian, French, Spanish, and English. He sings beautifully. Go to ITunes Store and look up his Alla Luce Dal Sole to see what I mean.

Good luck!

Monday 18th of February 2008 12:16:02 AM - Gå Inte Förbi (Swedish and Norwegian)

Never thought of all the multilingual Disney songs on YouTube before? :P

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