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Thursday 05th of May 2005 10:28:16 PM
Poem: Аз съм българче!
Иван Вазов

Аз съм българче и силна
майка мене е родила;
с хубости, блага обилна
мойта родина е мила.

Аз съм българче. Обичам
наште планини зелени,
българин да се наричам
първа радост е за мене.

Аз съм българче свободно,
в край свободен аз живея,
всичко българско и родно
любя, тача и милея.

Аз съм българче и расна
в дни велики, в славно време,
син съм на земя прекрасна,
син съм на юнашко племе.

Az sum bulgarche
by Ivan Vazov

Az sum bulgarche i silna
maika mene e rodila;
s hubosti, blaga obilna
moita e rodina mila.

Az sum bulgarche. Obicham
nashte planini zeleni,
bulgarin da se naricham,
purva radost e za mene.

Az sum bulgarche svobodno,
v krai svoboden az jiveia
vsichko bulgarsko i rodno,
liubia tacha i mileia.

Az sum bulgarche i rasna
v dni veliki, slavno vreme,
sin sum na zemia prekrasna,
sin sum na iunashko pleme.

It is one beautiful Bulgarian poem we studied at 1st grade... I`m not sure I`ll be able to translate it good enough because it is written by one of the greatest Bulgarian writers and it is a honor for me to try this one...

I am Bulgarian
by Ivan Vazov

I am Bulgarian and strong
Bulgarian mother has born me
beauties and goods so many
make my native land so dear.

I am Bulgarian and love
our mountains so green,
to be called Bulgarian
is the greatest joy for me.

I am free Bulgarian
in place of liberty I live
everything native Bulgarian
I cherish, observe and adore.

I am Bulgarian and grow
in days so great in time of glory
I am son of land so wonderful
I am son of tribe of courage.

Thursday 05th of May 2005 10:30:38 PM
It would be great if other pople post Bulgarian stories or poetry (or something else) too, don`t you think?!?

Tuesday 23rd of August 2005 04:29:47 PM
Hi Aberine: I will come up with a nice one soon! Thanks for yours is cool and I know it by heart now!

Wednesday 07th of September 2005 02:30:16 PM
New poem: В планината

Чичо Стоян (Стоян М. Попов)

Завчера оттука,
все покрай реката,
стигнахме със татко
горе в планината.

Горе при козите
чичо ми живее,
а край тях поточе
бъбли и се лее.

И ветрецът хладен
лекичко повява,
а от клона липов
птиченце запява.

Ах, каква е хубост
горе в планината!
Там е нашта радост,
там ми е играта.

Dear all,I do not have yet the translation for this nice poem. Maybe Aberine or another native can do it better than me.



Thursday 08th of September 2005 07:10:14 PM
Hey, great Moni :)

I`m glad you liked it because it turns out that I didn`t translate it in vain after all... :D

Ok I`d love to translate this one too...
but I`ll first turn it into readable version for those who cannot read Slavyc letters.

V planinata

Chicho Stoyan (Stoyan M. Popov)

Zavchera ottuka,
vse pokrai rekata,
stignahme sus tatko
gore v planinata.

Gore pri kozite
chicho mi jivee,
a krai tiah potoche
bubli i se lee.

I vetrecut hladen
lekichko poviava,
a ot klona lipov
ptichence zapiava.

Ah, kakva e hubost
gore v planinata!
Tam e nashta radost,
tam mi e igrata.

Thursday 08th of September 2005 07:25:59 PM
In the Mountain

by Uncle Stoyan(whose name is Stoyan M. Popov)

Yesterday from here,
Walking near the river
Me and dad, we reached
Up there in the mountain.

Up there to the goats,
My dear uncle lives,
And near them[color=red]*[/color] a creek,
Bubbles and flows .

And the cool zephyr,
easily blows,
On the linden branch,
bird is singing sweetly.

Ah, what a beauty
is up in the mountain!
There is our joy,
there I like to play!
[color=red]* I suppose he refers to the mountain goats.[/color]

Well I improvised and I couldn`t keep the rhyme everywhere but for a translation done in some mins it might even count as OK. I hope you enjoy! :)

Thursday 08th of September 2005 09:26:21 PM
Thank a lot!:
Dear Aberine your translation is great and of course the poetic style is very difficult to turn it into an English poem!

Thanks a lot...I guess I need to hurry to get a new poem! Regards,

Friday 09th of September 2005 06:06:05 PM
:D I`m glad you like it, Moni! :)
Where do you get those poems from???
Have fun and study diligently... next time I`ll examine you ! ;)

Friday 09th of September 2005 07:26:49 PM
Secret surces! Ha, ha: Dear Aberine,

As my husband is a Bulgarian, he helped me get some textbooks from Bulgaria.
These poems I get from the 4th grade textbook( a 1992...I think) edition.

Ok...I know them by heart so when I pass through Sofia next time you can examine me!!!!!Enjoy your weekend:-)

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