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CONSTRUCTED LANGUAGES - Information and discussions about this Language Family.AuthorDate
artificial languages - esperanto, loglan, lojban, indonesian, basquexon28th Apr 2005
Conlangs - An inventoryjvz8a18th Jul 2005
Let's construct our own language! - lucasmj12th Nov 2005
Okay I've made my own conlang now what do I do with it - blueboy4th Dec 2005
Neuage - the easy-to-learn language by ChilleeChillee4th Jan 2006
Would Klingon be considered a language? - In a newspaper article I read it said a hospital added Klingon to the langauges they may encounter!?!canned_toast19th Jun 2006
Quenya and Sindarin - Elven Language ResourcesVisitor4th Jul 2006
Does anybody know Novial? - Nikhilkizvas18th Sep 2006
Calnish - inuyasha13th Oct 2006
Slovio - a useful artificial language?Marjan10th Nov 2006
Mer\'i - Some LessonsTiger12th Feb 2007
Learn Parotal - BCS5th Jun 2007
Parotál alphabet - BCS5th Jun 2007
An example of Parotál - A paragraph in ParotálBCS6th Jun 2007
Interlingua - Interlingua and its Base LanguagesScigirl5435th Jul 2007
Ka-wa Lesson 1 - The AlphabetDominick_Korshanyenko25th Jul 2007
Volapük - BCS2nd Aug 2007
SOLOT - BCS5th Sep 2007
It may sound crazy... - but let\'s invent our own language.Huffman9214th Sep 2007
My own conlang (probably bad) - For all interested.Huffman9217th Sep 2007
Piglatin. - A conlag of English.Huffman9217th Sep 2007
My minimalist language - That all of you are invited to participate it.BCS17th Sep 2007
My refined conlang. - Ignore my last failed attempt.Huffman9218th Sep 2007
EUROLANG - My language based on European languages. (Mainly Germanic)Huffman9220th Sep 2007
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