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Saturday 16th of October 2004 12:50:55 PM
Golfito, Costa Rica: The first time my unit and I pulled in to Golfito, I thought it reminded me alot of a forgotten paradise. Grant it, we didn't spend much time there and didn't get to experience all the locals had to offer... but in those 4 hours we spent on liberty (free time off) we had a blast. We went to this bar ontop of this building, and I danced (or tried to dance) with this beautfiul local girl who didn't speak an ounce of english. Luckly her friend did, a little. I bought her a drink and she taught me how to bump and grind. At least that's what I think I was doing. I remember stepping on her foot once or twice. But I soon learned how to move without hurting her. We are going back there tomorrow, and I am hoping I see the same girl again. I love beautiful spanish women.

Wednesday 02nd of February 2005 12:32:27 AM
pretty girls!!!!!let me go first....plzzzzzzzzzz

Sunday 20th of March 2005 01:28:20 AM
Hello... i am costarican, and i must say we have beautiful women here... that is true...

I am glad you enjoyed your stay in my land and i hope you come back and visit some other beaches, we have so many, and all of them are great... specially if you surf...

See ya!

Wednesday 11th of May 2005 09:16:06 AM
I am going to Costa Rica at the end of May for two weeks. Hope to have a good time and see much of the country.

Saturday 07th of January 2006 06:27:02 AM
your vacation: lucky you.i m jealous because you are going see pretty seņoritas in bikinis....have good trip!

Monday 14th of August 2006 01:41:06 AM
costa Rica: I had to work in Costa Rica (San Jose) last month. My customer thought problem was there but it wasn't. I didn't have a chance to do much sightseeing. The people were very
friendly. I talked to someone about playing guitar and we went right to heart of matter. To play well it must come from inside.
I did mention to my son the girls were very pretty.
The absolute cheapest coffee was great -the fancy stores
here in the states are poor in comparison.
Next year taking wife , calling old customer to visit local places

Wednesday 18th of April 2007 02:55:25 AM
Hermosura!: I spent two weeks with a missionary family in the city of Heredia and LOVED it! Pops Ice Cream was my favorite place and I loved being able to just sit in the Parque Central. Life is much slower there - very relaxing!

I am looking forward to studying abroad there next only concern is how to figure out the bus system so I can get from San Jose to Heredia!!!

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