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Monday 26th of May 2008 08:42:26 AM
Navigational system in Costa Rica: Ok. So I have been here for the last week and I LOVE it here. The weather is beautiful (when it isn't raining for hours on end lol), the people are very courteous, and most of the places I have visited here in San José are very inexpensive (you can literally buy a pair of good shoes in Downtown San José for about $10)
However, I DID have a problem navigating my way around this city the first couple of days because:
1. I wasn't familiar with my area yet
2. There are NO STREET NAMES/NUMBERS in rural areasonly in the city
3. They measure by meters and kilometers instead of miles and feet
4. They navigate using popular landmarks (Museum of Tico Art Colon, Airport, National Museum) as well as real directions (north, south, east, west).

So I should REALLY emphasize that even if you speak Spanish, it can be a very confusing and daunting task to get around unless you take those 4 notes into consideration. For example, to reach my school (Centro Lingüístico Conversa) I literally just tell the cab driver something like this:
De museo de Arte Costarricense, siga Paseo Colón hasta Calle 38 y gira a la izquierda. El edificio es el color de papaya (From Tico Art Museum, take Paseo Colon to Street 38 and turn to the right. The papaya-colored building.)

These directions also count as AN Official Address, so you should DEFINITELY keep this in mind if you decide to visit this city (or any part of the country). Depending on where you are, you can even use some of the uniquest landmarks to navigate. One student (from a different programme), after repeated failed attempts to have a taxi arrive at her house in 10 minutes or less, realized that she would have to tell the taxi driver something like, "It's the house in front of the house with a goose in the yard".

Monday 07th of July 2008 07:12:34 AM
One thing I forgot to mention is that, more specifically, you would use this way of navigation if you are brand new to the country lol We do the same here in GA

You can also navigate using famous landmarks. Again this is to reach Conversa:
De Centro Colón es ciento metres al norte
"From Centro Colón it is 100 meters north"

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