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Tuesday 16th of August 2005 08:58:21 PM
Working: I was wondering if anyone knew how i would go about finding a job in different european countries. I was going to travel but i need to work along the way for money, and will be starting in Poland and then moving on after about 2 or 3 months.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ash x

Wednesday 17th of August 2005 08:09:21 PM
Lots of travellers work in hostels, either for some money or just for a free place to stay. My friend works in a hostel in Tallinn where they need extra people all the time and very often they find them among travellers who stay here bit longer. But I think it is especially good when you find a hostel where the staff speaks almost no English (and believe me there are plenty of those in Eastern Europe still) ;) then you would be of valuable help :D

Thursday 18th of August 2005 02:52:14 PM
Well, i don't know if this way still works after all these years, but whenever me and my mates decided to travel to some european countries during the longer semester breaks, we would beforehand find those agencies that provide temporary employment for students (such as us/you who are just looking for a few weeks of work). These agencies usually fill the more menial vacancies in factories (sandwiches/meat-processing/warehouse etc) so you would be what they're looking for. the pay is quite good, the work may be another matter altogether but if you manage to get in the right crowd, it will be a blast :)
... a word of warning though, make sure you know everything beforehand about the agency. make sure they are reputable so you don't get scammed, make sure you read the contracts carefully (just in case) and always be nice to the person in charge (agency/factory), so you can try to get the more cushy jobs :)
... hmmm, what could i be forgetting? just have a great time and hold on tight to your money :)

Thursday 18th of August 2005 08:54:59 PM
Thanks for the info! How can i find these agencies?

Wednesday 24th of August 2005 09:34:25 AM
..oops my apologies ashlee86 for my late reply... i forgot to check back on this thread. Sorry luv :) hmmm, well ideally you could get a local (your eu friend) of the country you're travelling to to find one for you, since we're targetting the smaller temp agencies who usually get these kind of jobs. i see you're on a gap year (right?) so i assume there are foreign (eu) students where you're studying? well, like i said, asking a local would be the best thing to do. failing that, a quick google and some detailed searching should get you some agencies to call. but then again, you'll find it hard to verify their authenticity this way, so recommendations by friends/relatives would be your best and preferred option, since there are a million ways unscrupulous agencies could cheat an honest, hardworking (fingers crossed! :D) student like you out of your money (or worse)...

... well, not to be a wet blanket or anything, just watching out for you... hope you get it sorted as soon and as best for you as possible. all the best!


Monday 05th of September 2005 10:22:13 PM
Ashlee, I had to come to England to work... In Poland the unemployment is quite big and besides the wages are really low. You can earn 10 times more in England than in Poland - I'm not exagerating. I think it's better to earn money in western Europe for travelling in the Eastern part. Good luck anyway!

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