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DOCUMENT TRANSLATIONS - *Be sure to put the languages to be translated in the subject line*AuthorDate
English to Any Language - Simple phrase, would help.Duffie3rd Jan 2005
Croatian to English - Someone has written something about myself on a discuss...rau4th Jun 2006
english to any language - esp. polish, urdu, punjabi and bengalitsahyalakum7th Jun 2006
english to punjabi - Help writing a message/cardrilokat11th Jul 2006
Chinese Translation Mandarin and Cantonese - Looking to have this phrase translated...sleepless21st Sep 2006
All Phrasebase Translators Profile - Looking for a translator? Click here!Danial13th Nov 2006
english to croatian - majkus22nd Dec 2006
Translation from german to english or slovene - barbchy7th Jan 2007
eslovene to english - can yoy help me? thanks!ralf_spain16th Jan 2007
Little translation into Arabic - Ivan1618th Jan 2007
Can someone tell me where this name comes from? - ...JFM21st Jan 2007
hebrew to english - Can anyone help me again? :)ralf_spain23rd Jan 2007
IMPORTANT!!! I need the translation of a song - From English to SpanishHispanish31st Jan 2007
Translation of a serbian song (Superman) - outsid3r31st Jan 2007
Japanese to English or Spanish -> I need a translation - Ivan167th Feb 2007
Building a website in Korean, need someone to verify my translation please - Korean text verificationaiofe11th Feb 2007
How do you say...? - Ivan1611th Feb 2007
Hebrew to English HELP - Can someone translate this Hebrew to English?Former_Member11th Feb 2007
Another HEBREW to ENGLISH translation - I\'ve got another Hebrew messageFormer_Member12th Feb 2007
portuguese to english translation - gubby14th Feb 2007
German To English - German To Englishzackadoo28th Feb 2007
German Review - ...for a game projectJackoWords2nd Mar 2007
Trancription to croatian - Need help to transcribe thisAgahnim4th Mar 2007
Latin to English help needed - just few wordsNaomi_rus8th Mar 2007
Short text from EN/FR/DE into your native language - Please help me before Monday 12th!tmoon8th Mar 2007
Little English help - not translation, just a little correctionNaomi_rus22nd Mar 2007
HUNGARIAN to english or polish - one sentence in HUNGARIANAlmadorcia27th Mar 2007
starbucksing- explanationa needed! - Desperate creature yearns for helpLorin6th Apr 2007
English to Tagalog - quick!!zackadoo11th Apr 2007
norwegien - text translationaus_guy4th May 2007
horror:( hungarian to polish or english! - i need very fast this translation! pls! it is important!Almadorcia12th May 2007
kanji to english please - what does this shirt say?QuantumRainbow13th May 2007
song from spanich to english! - ryefield15th May 2007
FRENCH to ENGLISH - SongEstrella15th May 2007
Spanish to English - BeckySunshine23rd May 2007
English to Italian - personal discription about mechittagongz_fynest3rd Jun 2007
Spanish to English, part 2 - BeckySunshine24th Jun 2007
English to Spanish - BeckySunshine3rd Jul 2007
english to latin - some phrases we\'re trying to use for a memorialhoodmp11th Jul 2007
Spanish to English...part 3 in a continuing series - BeckySunshine21st Jul 2007
Spanish to English - msayson31st Jul 2007
Spanish to English, part 4 (I think) - BeckySunshine13th Aug 2007
all languages - useful words and phrases for cardiac cathlabretep5715th Sep 2007
Eng > Turkish, Albanian, Arabic, Kurdish, Persian - D10th Oct 2007
English to Spanish, please - BeckySunshine13th Oct 2007
English -> Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, Finnish etc. - There\'s a description of my school and I\'d like it to be translated into as many languages as possibleGabor15th Oct 2007
English to Polish Translation - mikespar23rd Oct 2007
Hungarian to English or Polish - One little phrase to translateAlmadorcia1st Nov 2007
japanese to english or french - moniisia9th Nov 2007
Polish to English Translation - white9th Jan 2008
Turkish To English Lyrics - I'd love to know what they're saying!!!Nomoto9619th Jan 2008
english to arabic - please help! just a name translationstarchild29th Jan 2008
Would anyone like to translare a song? Italian to English - ekonomistudenten10th Feb 2008
da li - zna nekopavaroti13th Feb 2008
From romanian - One little sentenceMorkenhai_Hawa27th Feb 2008
Song from French to English or Spanish - J'aime Les FillesTENOCH3rd Mar 2008
Translation English to Latin - Designing a graphicunclecharlie19th Mar 2008
English to English ;) - I'm writing a story and posting it online, need an editorSerinah29th Mar 2008
translation - help!!roberto_it5th Apr 2008
polish to english - translationposhnpink6th Apr 2008
Translation to Polish - English to Polishmikespar18th Apr 2008
Translation to Polish - English to Polishmikespar18th Apr 2008
Translation Fun - I need some critique on a few small translations I've madeZover16th May 2008
Romanised Japanese to English Help! - Need help translating romanised Japanese to English on a small phrase, given to me by a friend.jaymcmillan8th Jun 2008
Arabic words - Need some arabic words written in romanbarnoonan13th Jul 2008
Turkish to Eng or Germ - Can someone help with 1 sentence? Petrus22nd Aug 2008
From English to Italian - A short poem I wrote while in Cinque Terra, ItalyAnonymous29th Sep 2008
Dutch phrase - cest_lavie_0830th Nov 2008
Russian into English or Spanish - Please translate for me into English or to SpanishWashi17th Jan 2009
nepali to english - I just need one sentence translatedaap5th Feb 2009
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