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Ay Khedma? (Any Help?) - Egyptian Language General DiscussionMohamed17th Aug 2004
Does any one know anything about egyptian at all!?!? - Can anyone speak it?wishihadalife913th Mar 2005
egyptian arabic - list of basic words or phrasesgenienabottle10th Apr 2005
Egyptian-Arabic Alphabet - so that everyone can understandhamid1818th Jul 2005
Coptic - nostromo9th Sep 2005
Ancient Egyptian - I want to learn the ancient egyptain languagedaniflover24th Nov 2005
Egyptian Arabic Lessons - This will be the archive as I add the bi-weekly lessonshamid182nd Mar 2006
Egyptian arabic - widespread? - DanSwe4th May 2006
advice to learn arabic - hasan_hashmi13th Jun 2006
Egyptian Arabic - learning languagescass_UK14th Jun 2006
Egyptian weekly lessons - Egyptian weekly Lessons every Saturday 18:00 GMTMohamed18th Jul 2006
Pimsleur Egyptian Arabic - Help! =pDanial28th Dec 2006
Want to learn Everyday Basic Egyptian Words - Awaais30th Dec 2006
pronouciation - how do you say thisamokima20th Jan 2007
egyptian arabic help me people! - hey people im new so ya better start me ok!behebek_keteer24th Feb 2007
egyptian - a very specific need - egyptianreachingout2others31st Mar 2007
Egyptions movie - Valid2nd Jan 2008
can some one put some verbs - verbs in egyptian arabiclatinaforever20th May 2009
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