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Thursday 17th of March 2005 03:04:51 AM
Vocabulary: While reading through Bruce's love novel to Anya and coming across the term "aplomb", it reminded me of my good ole' vocab list.

I had forgotten all about this, but back in the days of dressing up in monkey suits and trying to impress upper management, I had kept a word document file of each and every word that I heard throughout the day of endless business meetings yet wasn't able to use it myself properly in my regular conversation. (intentional run-on sentence, just trying to one-up Bruce's usage of aplomb).

My MS Word Doc is dated 1995... believe it or not... and I thought it had the term "aplomb" in it, as I recall vividly the first time I heard it and had to figure out it's meaning, but apparently, that was sometime after I discontinued my vocab list.

Here is a copy and paste of my 1995 vocab list, I know there are probably a ton of errors with it, bad definitions, etc... so no need to correct it or me, but as technically incorrect as some def's may be, it worked, I can easily use almost all of these terms in normal conversation without sounding like I'm fishing for big words or trying to.... impress upper management.

adulterate - to make impure by adding bogus ingredients.
debase - same as adulterate.
inoculate - inject an immunizing agent into.
nebulous - cloudy, hazy, confused.
exorbitant - excessive, inordinate, going beyond usual or proper bounds.
esoteric - understood by a select few. secret; mysterious.
disparity - essentially different, unequal.
addendum - something that is added. as in to the back of a book.
fetid - having an offensive stench.
fastidious - hard to please, over nice.
lambasting - whacking or pounding
insipid - dull, flavorless
impeccable - without fault or blemish, perfect.
tenure - The holding of something, as in property, office, etc.
transpire - emit, exhale or perspire, happen occur.
predisposition - innate tendency.
innate - existing in one from birth.
pernicious - Highly destructive.
perplexity - problem, puzzled, make confused.
simpatico - congenial.
conjugate - formed in a pair, coupled. inflection of verbs
effigy - a life size dummy or sculpture of a person.
inflammatory - serving to inflame. excite highly, make violent, aggravate.
paleolithic - pertaining to old stone age.
demitasse - small cup of black coffee.
demeanor - behavior
ironclad - armored
iridescent - glittering with changeable colors like a rainbow.
infirm - not in good health.
ingenuous - candid naive, free from guile. (gile)
sans - without.
ubiquitous - existing everywhere.
canny - wary, prudent.
cantankerous - perverse in disposition, ill natured.
persecute - harass, make suffer for divergent principals.
persnickety - excessively meticulous.
appease - satisfy an appetite or demand.
verbose -wordy.
reverent - respectful; devout.
irreverent - disrespectful
paradigm - a list of the inflected forms of a word.
inflect - turn from a direct course; bend.
guile - cunning.
cursory - hasty and superficial a glance
fortuitous - coming by chance, accidental.
uncanny - weird.
candor - sincerity. ( I appreciate your candor)
proverbial - well known.
axiom - universal proposition. easily proved.
protuberant - bulging out. prominent. (J- you know this one)
diabolic - devilish. (diabolical)
sequester - put aside. (sequestered)
ornery - of ugly disposition, hard to manage.
myopic - near sightedness.
ad hoc - relating exclusively to the subject in question.
judicious - exercising sound judgment; prudent.
consortium - society, association. (con sor sheum)
caveat - a warning, let the buyer beware. (cav e ot)
peruse - read attentively. (a quick perusal) (per ooz)
smug - self satisfied.
sanctum - a private retreat. (sanctumoneous)
quasi - seemingly or almost, not wholly genuine. (kwa zee or kway zie)
innocuous - harmless. (meant to be an innocuous statement)
reticent - silent or reserved.
abate - beat down, diminish, lessen.
abash - make ashamed dispirited.
interim - an intervening time. the meantime. (in the interim)
amicable - friendly, peaceful.
amiable - pleasing, loving, friendly.
confabulate - converse.
conundrum - riddle or hard question.
qualm - sudden sensation of nausea, twinge of conscience. (kwaum)
compunction - same as qualm. slight regret or prick of conscience.
quarrel - dispute.
preamble - a preface, opening remarks.
precarious - uncertain, insecure.
incessant - continuing without interruption.
umbrage - resentment.
deplorable - lamentable, calamitous
calamity - disaster, a great misfortune.
lam'entable - regrettable.
specious - apparently, deceptive. (spee cious)
vicarious - substituting for, or feeling in place of, another.
symbiotic - living together of two different species harmoniously.
pabulum - food, insipid thoughts. (pab ya lum)
belay - stop.
sycophant - a servile flatterer.
sybarite - a self indulgent, luxury loving person.
obsequious - fawning, servile, deferential.
defunct - dead.
deference - submission to the judgement of another, respectful.
coquette - a flirt. (koe ket)
copious - abundant, plentiful. (koe pee ous)
disparage - discredit. (dis pair ij)
impious - profane, disrespectful, impiety. (im pee ous)
impecunious - without money, poor. (im pah kyou nee ous)
regimental - being under strict and uniform control.
regalia - emblems, insignia or personal finery.
nabob - very rich man, esp. who’s $ comes from the far east. (nay bob)
myrmidon - one who obeys or follows without question or scruple.
impetuous - impulse, incentive.
apropos - to the purpose, in reference to. adv. (ap rah poe)
effrontery - barefaced, impropriety, shamelesness, impudence
chutzpa - effrontery, gall (kuts pa)
impudence - gall, offensively forward in behavior, (impudent), insolent, saucy.
protean - readily assuming many shapes. (pro tee an)
protege - a person protected or aided by another.
enamored - inflame with love, captivate
oblique - slanting, indirectly aimed or expressed. askew.
opaque - cloudy
propriety - fitness, rightness, correct behavior, decorum.
decorum - the standards of conduct approved by society, propriety.
prosaic - unromantic, commonplace. (pro za ik)
decorous - well behaved, proper.
auspice - flavoring influence; protection. a favorable circumstance.
preclude - impede, prevent.
diminutive - very small or tiny, a small thing or person.
lexicon - a dictionary, special vocabulary.
imminent - likely to occur soon; impending.
eminent - high in rank, office, worth; conspicuous, noteworthy.
gambit - any apparent sacrafice in expectation of later gain.
gam - school of whales.
extrapolate - project on the basis of known data; surmise.
permutation - any possible arrangement of any units in a group.
percipient - perceiving.
parnassus - a center of or inspiration for poetic or artistic work.
gallivant - seek pleasure frivolously; gad about.
gad - ramble about idly. gadabout, gadder-travels aimlessly. gadfly.
goad - a sharp stick for driving cattle; to urge.
frivolous - not seriously intended. trivial. silly or giddy.
quagmire - area of muddy ground, marsh. difficult position or situation.
pukka - genuine, first rate.
ardent - fervent in feeling, intense, passionate. arduous - wearisome.
daunting - intimidating, dicouraging.
germane - closely allied, relevent.
relegate - send away or out of the way, consign, relegation.
tenacious - persistant in an opinion or view, stubborn.
tumultuous - violently disturbing, highly exciting.
pulchritude - beauty, (pul kri tood)
kudos - praise, glory, (cue tos)
inundate - flood, deluge, overwhelm.
sagacious - wise. sagacity. (sa gas city)
fusiform - spindle shaped, i.e. streamlined.
magdalene - reformed prostitute.
macabre - gruesome, dance of death, (ma kah bray)
godspeed - a wish for success and prosperity.
syllabus - compendium, an abstract.
sylph - imaginery being, a slender woman.
infallible - free from fallacy, trustworthy.
inexorable - not to be persuaded or moved. unrelenting.
arcane - secret.
jettison - Throw goods overboard to lighten a ship.
amatory - pertaining to lovemaking.
extenuate - make smaller in degree of appearance.

Thursday 17th of March 2005 09:48:40 AM
Of all of these English words I did not know just a few:

simpatico - congenial
demitasse - small cup of black coffee
canny - wary, prudent
persnickety - excessively meticulous
ornery - of ugly disposition, hard to manage
vicarious - substituting for, or feeling in place of, another
chutzpa - effrontery, gall (kuts pa)
gam - school of whales
fusiform - spindle shaped, i.e. streamlined
magdalene - reformed prostitute

Thursday 17th of March 2005 11:37:31 PM
If English is your second language, then that's exception, good on you. However, the issue is not whether or not you know the terms, but whether or not you can throw it out in the course of a typical conversation without reaching.

Thursday 17th of March 2005 11:39:11 PM
The key: If English is your second language, then that's exceptional, good on you. However, the key is not whether or not you know these terms, but whether or not you can throw them out in the course of a typical conversation when appropriate.

Wednesday 30th of March 2005 12:44:52 PM
You listed the pronunciation of macabre as "ma-kah-bray."
I have to say, I've never heard it pronounced this way. The only pronunciation of this word that I've ever heard is "ma-kahb." Some try to say "ma-kah-brə," but again I have to say, never "ma-kah-bray." (Square = schwa)

Also, I have to say that even though I feel it's important to have a good vocabulary, I think it equally important that you choose not to use it most of the time. You know, the whole "don't use a twenty-dollar word when a ten-cent word will do" thing.

Tuesday 05th of April 2005 02:08:03 PM
Macabre: I personally pronounce it ma-KAB-re and have never heard it pronounced ma-KAHB(-r'), but I know that both are correct, in English, whether or not ma-KAB-re is the original pronunciation.

Thursday 07th of April 2005 01:40:51 AM
http://phrontistery.info/ also has a large list of such English terms. I love inserting these into my papers at random so that even my English teacher doesn't understand anything of it :p

Thursday 02nd of June 2005 09:36:44 PM
smart and stupid: Good work on the vocab list, Jeff. You have demonstrated that you know a lot of words but nothing about love. If you could understand friendship and loyalty, you could put your massive word trove to use. All the impressive words and well turned phrases in the world do no good if don't spring from a faithful and honest heart. I genuinely hope you find them someday.

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