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GAMES - Uni- and Multilingual games for learning and enjoymentAuthorDate
Slavic Languages Game - Compare how different or similar they areGoran8th Dec 2005
Word linking in many tongues is back - Ania1st Apr 2006
Internationnal dictionnary (again) - pazuzu10th Apr 2006
Romance Languages Game - Compare how different or similar they areGoran4th May 2006
Finish my sentence - Use your imagination!Goran4th May 2006
Germanic Languages Game - Ania4th May 2006
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? - Multi-Language Edition, minus the money.Danial5th May 2006
The Agree and Disagree Game - Goran14th Jul 2006
The Translation Game - Danial16th Jul 2006
Name 3 things - Goran21st Jul 2006
Random Questions (Season 3) - Peter_fra_Oz14th Sep 2006
Three good reasons - game - Give 3 good reasons for doing/not doing somethingCarla13th Oct 2006
If and Then (Season 3) - Peter_fra_Oz17th Oct 2006
X and O (Season 3) - Conversational GameDanial20th Oct 2006
Call me - Game - What am I like?Ania21st Oct 2006
The Person Below Me (Season 4) - May the glitches be banished!Peter_fra_Oz29th Oct 2006
Opposites Game - Multilingual fun!Tiger17th Nov 2006
Multi-Language TPBM - The person below me in multiple languages is back from the dead!!cleomau22nd Nov 2006
Word Change - Another Multilingual GameGoran10th Dec 2006
Word Chain - Last letter is the first letter for the next player! Multi-lingual!Tiger12th Dec 2006
S or T (3rd season) - gameTyrrena23rd Dec 2006
The Romance Café - Café for all Romance languages onlyDanial7th Jan 2007
The Germanic Café - The sister of the original Romance Café but for all Germanic languages only.Danial27th Jan 2007
The Slavic Café - Let us be better than the romance guys! :PAnia29th Jan 2007
Niger-Congo Languages Game - Stine12th Feb 2007
A game - JFM25th Apr 2007
KM Game!!! - find a word, of the topic asked, beginning with the last letter of the previous wordVisitor27th Apr 2007
Something - gameAlmadorcia6th Jun 2007
Continue my story - roll it...Anonymous2nd Jul 2007
Palabras (game) - respond to the topic above yours with words in the correct category beginning with certain lettersScigirl5439th Jul 2007
I-game - a game for allAnonymous1st Aug 2007
Where is this Phrase? - Multilingual GameAnya5th Aug 2007
Places... - Karen_Think_Tank2nd Oct 2007
What, you\'ve got to be kidding! - tell us a whopper :Dfrogg01819th Nov 2007
The \"Where am I\" Game - Sorta like Carmen Sandiego without Carmen ;)Dominick_Korshanyenko22nd Nov 2007
TPBM in all Slavic languages - Osoba ispod mene na svim slavenskim jezicimael_tigre13th Apr 2008
"Incredible" websites - Javier21st May 2008
The Person Below Me - Season 5Mery10th Sep 2008
Word linking in many tongues - New SeasonMery10th Sep 2008
Random Questions - Season 4Mery10th Sep 2008
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