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GEO-POLITICAL ISSUES - Geo-politics, globalization, governments, WTO, war, poverty, etc...AuthorDate
Opinions on current American politics/government anyone? - Anonymous24th Sep 2004
Which country do you think will be the Superpower in Future ? - Suymez17th Dec 2004
War - How do you feel about the war in Iraq?Phuong_Hoang0530th Jan 2005
Turkey And The European Union - ronin198611th Feb 2005
Indonesian war..... - hey this is about Indonesian....Renan26th Apr 2005
the military role - what is its purposececilio9th May 2005
Chinese territory - Blowfish31st May 2005
Apocalypse/Armageddon/whatever you wish to call it - Sorry just curious on this topic.khaan1114th Jul 2005
Poverty - How will we ever make poverty history...??Baby_J30th Jul 2005
China blocks Skype - Thoughts anyone?Peter_fra_Oz13th Sep 2005
Big Brother 1 - Does He Really Watch?Peter_fra_Oz13th Sep 2005
Big Brother 2 - UK and CCTVPeter_fra_Oz13th Sep 2005
India Outsourcing - The bad side of confidential dataPeter_fra_Oz14th Sep 2005
The Vietnam War - Civil turned globalBaby_J26th Nov 2005
Colonisation - What do you think about it?Baby_J24th Dec 2005
Nepal Crisist... - How do you think about King Gyan Nendra from Nepal???renan10th Apr 2006
Petition for a Peaceful Nepal - Anya15th Apr 2006 - OneOfMyTurns18th Apr 2006
Nationalisation in Bolivia - Has Evo Morales right to hold the oil and gas reservesel_tigre8th May 2006
NATO - What\'s NATO did for your Country???Renan31st May 2006
The real terrorist is... - JaK9th Jun 2006
What is war for? - Anti-war quotesquietaustralian21st Jun 2006
War against Lebanon - is in self-defence?zainab1923rd Jul 2006
Euro-motive for war - What is exactly in the background of Iranian crisis???el_tigre6th Sep 2006
9/11 - RemembrancesUberGerman12th Sep 2006
Pope\'s regret - are these people kidding us?leobloom18th Sep 2006
Whose fans are racists?? - el_tigre12th Oct 2006
Major Problems - North Korea,China & USA conflictBaby_J12th Oct 2006
Hiding behind women is not ok - Conflict in the Middle EastVeelakhu3rd Nov 2006
Iraq-Ready to pull out, or not? - Suicide Bomber kills 33Veelakhu12th Nov 2006
SEEDS OF TOLERANCE - Make one of these videos appear on TVpableras281st Dec 2006
Let Pedro be hanged! - el_tigre12th Dec 2006
Hamas Duels w Fatah - Palestine, maybe Israel is not their only problemVeelakhu15th Dec 2006
Umberto Eco - the greatest Balkan writer - Can tallibans be high-class???el_tigre19th Dec 2006
HEALTH - Different nations\' viewpointspableras2820th Dec 2006
West vs. East:Misunderstanding the cultures??? - el_tigre21st Dec 2006
Moving Nations - An inside look at faithVeelakhu21st Dec 2006
Sólo le pido a Dios... - jvz8a31st Jan 2007
Bush is a liar? - Bush\'s Iraq planmarwat2nd Feb 2007
Tears of Iraq - Barkatullah Marwat, Kuwaitmarwat7th Feb 2007
Hitler(s) from our neighbourhood - Is Efraim Zuroff hypocrite??el_tigre22nd Feb 2007
Axis of Evil - Democracy?Psyche3rd Mar 2007
Ceuta forever Spain! - Ivan1610th Mar 2007
The future of EU/Europe - el_tigre10th Apr 2007
Estonia and Russia - nyka28th Apr 2007
Sarkozy vs. Haider - What is the difference???el_tigre18th May 2007
Liberation Movement on Your Countries - LIberation Movement or TerrorismRenan1st Jun 2007
George W. Bush, Low Intelligence Human, or High Intelligence Monkey? - BCS2nd Jun 2007
Does \"President\" Bush Have A Brain? - BCS3rd Jun 2007
G8 - what do you think? are you against or not?Almadorcia4th Jun 2007
Belongs Arctic to Russia? - nyka2nd Jul 2007
Oppressing the little guy - The UN, Russia and EstoniaAnonymous4th Oct 2007
Irish Language Scrapped and Banned - Irish Language Rights trambled on in Northern IrelandAnonymous17th Oct 2007
Making Communism Illegal - ...And the real truth about World War TwoAnonymous31st Oct 2007
LAOS old bombs - TO THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH.mayor1st Dec 2007
Germans have Jewish Genes - el_tigre20th Dec 2007
Kosovo is Serbia! - Former_Member22nd Feb 2008
China and Olympics - Does Chinese regime deserve such a happenning?el_tigre8th Apr 2008
Palestinian in Dangerous - Emergency Situation, please help the DonationsRenan8th Jan 2009
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