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Sunday 20th of June 2004 11:48:11 PM
Georgian language learning material: so what kind of materials is everyone using to learn georgian? are you taking courses, teaching yourself, or other?
im trying (!) to teach myself with help from georgian friends, using the following books:

"Georgian Language Intensive Course I" by Mary Nikolaishvili (published by Tbilisi State University)
the book comes with 2 audio cassettes and has quite a hands-on approach
pros: good on pronunciation excercises, starts with easy dialogues quickly to teach you the most important phrases, presents useful vocabulary
cons: quite unorganized (layout), the grammar sections are difficult to understand and the level of grammar is progressing too fast, no exercises with exercise keys, difficult to come by: i saw the book in bookstores around Tbilisi but im not sure if you can order it from abroad

"Georgian: A Reading Grammar" by Howard Aronson
massive work, with step-by-step approach
pros: starts REALLY from the beginning, explains grammar in detail, presents a lot of reading material
cons: layout sometimes hard to figure out, explanations are very technical, you need patience, emphasis more on passive language use

im using these books in tandem which is an approach that fits me quite well (aronsons book, however, is more for grammar freaks like me who NEED to understand how a word, sentence etc is built) im always welcoming hints about other good books, though! what i cannot find, as well, are online learning materials for georgian. please, does anyone know a good Georgian-English-Georgian dictionary online????

last not least, i have two copies of the book by howard aronson and dodona kiziria "Georgian: A Continuing Course" - its advanced studies for those who have completed aronsons first course (amazon sent me two copies of the same book instead of 2 different publications ... and graciously allowed me to keep both) if anyone is willing to pay the postage, i will be glad to send it to them :)

looking forward to your answers
:) cheers,

Saturday 04th of September 2004 12:24:06 AM
gamarjoba Mira2222!

Actually I still lack material for starting learning Georgian. I know of a book in Russian which a friend of mine is translating, so i'm awaiting for him to advance in his translation. I also keep forgetting the alphabet.

Sunday 26th of September 2004 12:03:20 AM
gamarjoba: Visiting Georgia, I realised there are actually quite a lot of books in Russian on learning Georgia - unfortunately, English learning material does not really match that variety (and I suppose learning materials in other languages neither).

Concerning the alphabet, I recommend copying vocabulary in the proper alphabetical order. Recently I came across an interactive Georgian language tool (a CD-Rom) which is published by a company called eurotalk interactive ( However, it is very basic and more of a learning game than a serious learning tool.

Thursday 17th of March 2005 12:08:25 PM
i just got my copy of грузинский язык для всех ("georgian language for all"), i'd be more than happy to post translations of it here, if anyone is interested.

Saturday 04th of June 2005 09:51:46 AM
Georgian Website: I was given a referral to a website which has some very basic info on the language, i.e. alphabet and basic grammar, it also has a link to an on-line dictionary, the URL is"" I'm planning a vacation there this summer, so I'm desperately trying to learn a few basic phrases before I go.

Tuesday 30th of September 2008 07:58:21 PM
hi: can you tell me where you bought these books please thanka?

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